MAFEX Darth Vader Figure brings Medicom to the Darkside

Several days ago, we told you about the very first 6-inch Star Wars figure that is going to be coming from Medicom Toy, Darth Vader. The figure looks absolutely outstanding. Though, with this line being the second line of 6-inch Star Wars figures, is the MAFEX Darth Vader going to be able to sway Star Wars collectors that have already started to buy Hasbro’s Black Series 6-inch line?

Medicom’s MAFEX line has really gained some serious traction since its first release and now that they are on their sixth release in the line, they probably have quite a few die-hard collectors that are willing to support the line until the bitter end. MAFEX figures are generally going to run you around $50 and with Hasbro also producing a 6″ Darth Vader later this year that will only cost $20, do collectors really want/need both figures?

The MAFEX Darth Vader stands about 6.7 inches tall and features a cloth cape and nice paint job, but what I think is really going to convince people to buy this figure are the accessories. He comes loaded with a removable mask that reveals Anakin’s scarred face underneath, several interchangeable hands, a chopped off hand, and of course his signature lightsaber.

Hasbro’s rendition of a 6 inch Darth Vader on the other hand is also going to feature a fabric cape, removable mask, and his signature lightsaber. It’s currently unknown if the Hasbro version is going to be coming with more accessories, though judging by official images released by Hasbro, that looks to be it.

I’m personally not interested at all in this figure because I have faith that Hasbro will be able to pull off a 6-inch Darth Vader at a much lower price point. The articulation styles are also different between the figures, which is something that I really don’t want in my Star Wars Black Series display. Yes, I’m picky.

The MAFEX Darth Vader was sculpted by Perfect Studio and is going to be arriving by December 2014 for $54.99. You can currently pre-order this figure here if you are interested.

via Medicom

By Nick Lenihan

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  1. it will be interesting to compare the two figures side by side. for true Vader fans i think they’re both must haves. my only complaint is that I wish they both came with helmets that are complete and don’t come apart in pieces. the mafex will rival the black series in articulation, but mafex is considerably more fragile and easier to break than the sturdy black series. but mafex even though is double the price you have a more detailed and better painted figure with more articulation and attention to detail then the mass produced black series figure. mafex for my desk at work, black series for my shelf at home! happy collecting

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