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The latest and greatest release of Diamond Select Toys this week is the very last Marvel Select Avengers figure and the first series of figures based on Alice: Madness Returns!

If you are a Marvel Select fan then you  can be happy that the Avengers team has someone to fight! The Chitauri Foot Soldier is finally out with a section of the bridge where the climatic battle of the film took place. This bridge piece will connect to Hawkeye’s bridge piece to make a larger setting.

You could even buy a bunch of Hawkeye figures and recreate the battle in the movie.

Then we come the the first series of figures based on the Alice: Madness Returns game. This first assortment of 7 inch figures features the Cheshire Cat, A zombie Card Guard and Alice Liddell. Alice Liddell comes with Vorpal blade, hobby horse, and pepper grinder.

You can order a case of these figures from Entertainment Earth.

Check out the picture below of the Madness Returns figures:

If you don’t want to wait for your figures to ship then you could check out your local comic book shop and if your lucky then they will have them available.

By Nick Lenihan

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