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6 Comments on Lost in Space Collectibles Coming From Exclusive Replicas

      • scott g yezer

        yes i am looking forward to these brand new action figures from exclusive replicas. i told you that i have the ones made by sci fimetropolis and i am waiting for the other members to come out by this new company thats making them and i read on owsforum that will robinson and the b9 robot were being sold as a twin pack. thats what sci fimetropolis was doing with his product his first wave was professor john robinson dr. zachary smith and the keeper the second wave maureen robinson who i read retired major don west judy penny idak and verda wave three was will robinson and the b9 robot. this is what i read on uncleodie’

      • scott g yezer

        exclusive replicas are more superior to sci fimetropolis. i would have to say that exclusive replicas and the sci fimetropolis ones are better than trendmasters trend masters looked too cartoony when sci fimetropolis and exclusive replicas look so real. id rather go with exlusive replicas.

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