Lego Marvel Superheroes Hulkbuster Smash Review

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The new LEGO Marvel Superhero Age of Ultron sets have begun to hit retail shelves.  The first set I was able to get my hands on?  It was the last one on the shelf:  The Hulk Buster Smash (76031).

Initially, I had mixed feelings about the set.  When the production pics were first released, I gotta admit, I was pretty excited about the prospect of this set.  The Hulkbuster armor is a no brainer for Lego, amiright?  It’s got to be like printing money.  Not just for LEGO, either, but for every toy manufacturer with a license to make Age of Ultron products.  The name of the game for this movie, at least at the moment, is Hulkbuster.

However, when I saw the set at Toy Fair, my hopes were slightly dashed.  Slightly.  The set just seemed so small.  Maybe it was the bright lights of the Lego booth.  Maybe it was the awesome Avengers Tower set sitting right in front of it.  Or, maybe, I just was expecting too much.


As it turns out, though, the set isn’t bad at all.  At 248 pieces, it comes with the Hulk, Scarlet Witch, Iron Man and Ultron Prime figure.   And, yea…the Hulkbuster armor isn’t as complex as I had hoped…but, on the positive side?  You can stick the Iron Man minifigure inside the armor, which I wasn’t sure was going to happen.  Of course, it makes the armor much bigger than the included Hulk figure (who’s already larger than the average minifigure), but some things you just got to live with it.

Speaking of the Hulk, it looks like for Age of Ultron, that he’s got a new color “skin” to him.  And he’s also sporting super cool Avengers pants.  I don’t know what makes those Avengers pants so special, but he’s got them on.  Maybe in the movie, they’re retractable.

The Hulkbuster Smash also comes with a fairly cool Ultron Prime figure and Scarlet Witch, too.  She’s got the two-sided face;  one angry, one not so angry.  The other thing that’s cool about her is the Hulk containment system.  She connects to the system with a clear piece that gives the impression she’s flying.  Or in this case, hovering.  It’s a neat little feature.

Overall, it’s a cool little set.  What I’d really like to see, though?  Is some sort of UCS Huklbuster set.  Or, at the least, a righteously appointed set along the lines of Emmet’s Construct-O-Mecha.  The Hulkbuster armor just screams for a set of it’s own.  C’mon, Lego!!!

UPDATE: Though these sets are sold out at many retailers, if you want to score one, you can find them on Amazon, and you can always zoom on over to eBay and find a sweet deal on this LEGO Hulk Buster Smash set.






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