Lego Ideas Jurassic Park reaches 10,000 supporters!

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Forty three days after being allowed back on Lego Ideas (due to licensing issues), The Jurassic Park project by user Senteosan is the latest fan made set to achieve 10,000 supporters.

This particular set includes the familiar Jurassic Park entrance and the anti-hero, Tyrannosaurus Rex. What makes this T. Rex different from other dinos Lego has produced in the past? I’ll tell you. This guy isn’t one big pre-fabbed piece. Oh, no. He’s the real deal. He’s made entirely of Lego parts. Check it out:

The set also includes the iconic Jurassic Park Ford Explorer and three minifigures: Alan Grant, Ellie Sadler, and Ian Malcolm (all of which more than resemble their movie counterparts).

With LEGO releasing Jurassic World sets in the Spring of 2015, we can all hope that Senteosan’s Lego Ideas Jurassic Park project will make it through the final review stage. By getting 10,000 supporters in such a short time period, hopefully the folks at Lego will see the demand and make this set official.

However, Jurassic Park is part of the third 2014 Review Stage. Which will see the set go up against some stiff competition from two almost shoe-ins: The Natural History Museum and The Labyrinth Marble Maze. Not to mention the Avenger Hellicarrier and another fan favorite, The Goonies 30th Anniversary – The Inferno. So, keep your fingers crossed.

In the meantime, check out the pitch video for the set…

By Nick Lenihan

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