Kotobukiya to make Customizable Halo Statues, First Armor Set Available This Fall

As many of you probably already know, Kotobukiya recently picked up the Halo license and have already brought the Master Chief ARTFX+ statue to market. Fans of Microsoft’s epic Halo game may have been excited enough for that, but Kotobukiya actually has much more planned for the license – customizable Halo statues.

The collectible company has just announced the Halo Mjolnir Mark VI Armor Set, which is said to be compatible with the upcoming Halo 4 Master Chief ARTFX+ statue.

This armor set is the first accessory pack that Koto has announced, with more accessory packs and full statues coming in the future.

The unique parts in the set allow you to fully customize your Master Chief statue, giving him this striking blue suit of armor with white details and a super cool bronze face shield.

All in all, the Mark VI set comes with an Energy Sword, a second pair of hands that can hold the Magnum pistol from the Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary Edition Mark V Armor pack (sold separately) and several armor pieces (boots, gauntlets, chest plate, etc.).

The whole concept of customizable statues with accessory packs is very interesting. I’m very excited to see how this works out for the company, because with some success I think this might be something that interests high-end collectors, particularly sixth scale collectors.

It could potentially lower costs for the base collectible since there would be less accessories, but it’s still going to give accessory aficionados what they need to customize their display to their liking.

The Molnir Mark VI Armor Set hasn’t quite popped up for pre-order yet, but it should be soon. Expect it to start shipping around October 2015. The price is currently TBA.

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