Kotobukiya Captain Cold ArtFX Statue Revealed

DC New 52 Kotobukiya Captain Cold ArtFX statue

Feel that chill in the air? That’s probably because of the Kotobukiya Captain Cold ArtFX statue that was recently revealed and is now available for pre-order. As with the other figures in the ArtFX line, Kotobukiya has created a finely detailed statue for one of the big Flash villains. Although, Cold has occasionally fought on the side of good as well.

Details on the Kotobukiya Captain Cold ArtFX Statue

Petty criminal Leonard Snart started out in the small time. However, he jumped into the super-villain spotlight after procuring his signature cold gun and going up against the Flash, as Captain Cold. Kotobukiya’s latest addition to the ArtFX line will not resemble Wentworth Miller’s Captain Cold from the hit CW TV series Flash and Legends of Tomorrow. Instead, it presents Captain Cold in his New 52 comic book form.

The statue will be just over 7.5 inches (19 cm) in height, and feature Captain Cold in his updated costume. The figure will have a blue and white bodysuit, matching vest, white boots, and of course, his cold-weather goggles. The statue will come with two interchangeable left arms. One arm has the figure wielding his cold-gun, and the other is encrusted in ice to match his right arm. The figure will be made from high-quality PVC and ABS plastic. In addition, the figure comes with magnets in his feet for extra stability on the display base.

Pre-Order the Kotobukiya Captain Cold ArtFX Statue

Right now, the Kotobukiya Captain Cold ArtFX statue is being priced at $59.99 and is up for pre-order on Amazon and the official Kotobukiya store. In addition, Things From Another World is offering a deal right now. You can currently pre-order the Captain Cold statue from TFAW for $47.99. And if you’re looking for other pieces to display along with Captain Cold, there are a variety of Kotobukiya ArtFX statues available on Amazon.

The statue is currently set for a January – February 2017 release.

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