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Kotobukiya Reveals their Black Manta ArtFX Statue

The Black Manta ArtFX statue will be arriving next year in May.

Kotobukiya’s keeping the Marvel and DC statues coming, and after the recent reveal of Squirrel Girl, they probably felt the need to go DC, a little grittier, and a little less friendly. No, not Darkseid level doom and gloom. Rather, they went with Black Manta, Aquaman’s classic arch-nemesis, and the latest entry in Koto’s Forever Villains ArtFX statue line for DC.

This Black Manta ArtFX statue was sculpted by Ikkei Jitsukata to resemble the look of the character in New 52 form, though I’m not sure how much that might differ from how the character looked in his 1960’s debut. (If anyone has a picture of the original Black Manta, let me know.) Also, if you’re wondering why the big, bug-eyed helmet, apparently in addition to also presumably helping Manta breathe underwater, they also shoot lasers! So, what else is going on? Let’s get into the details.

Details on the Kotobukiya Forever Villains Black Manta ArtFX Statue

How Tall is this Black Manta Statue?

The statue is 1/10 scale, and will be 7.5 inches (19 cm) tall. So, David, the Black Manta’s alter-ego, is 6’4″, or 76 inches tall, so it’s a surprisingly accurate 1/10 scale.

What’s the Statue Made From?

PVC and ABS plastics. Also, like the other statues in Koto’s ArtFX line, it has magnets in the feet to help secure it to the display base it comes with.

Does the Statue Come With Any Accessories?

Other than the display base I just mentioned, no.

Where Can I Pre-Order a Statue, and How Much Will It Be?

You can pre-order the statue for $59.99 either over at Koto’s website or through Entertainment Earth.

When Will the Statue Be Available?

The Black Manta ArtFX statue is currently scheduled to ship out in May 2017.

Photos of the Kotobukiya Forever Villains Black Manta ArtFX Statue

Kotobukiya Black Manta ArtFX statue

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