Kidrobot TMNT Ooze Action Vinyl Figure Review (Shredder and Leonardo)

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are great, but what if you took that epic property and did something crazy like “Ooze Action”? You may have seen something similar with the current Nickelodeon TMNT offerers that are in the toy aisles, but Kidrobot has also taken a stab at the craziness with their line of TMNT Ooze action vinyl figures.

Entertainment Earth has sent me a couple of the figures in Kidrobot’s Ooze action lineup for us to take a look at. Please keep in mind that even though these figures were provided for free, all text and opinions are that of my own.

Unlike the very similar Kidrobot blind-box figures, these figures come packaged on a blister card. The blister card is in the Classic TMNT style, with epic ooze action spread around the card.

The back of the blister card shows some of the other figures that are available in the line, including Donatello, Michelangelo, Raphael, Leonardo, Shredder, and Splinter. I’m slightly disappointed that this line doesn’t feature the fan favorite Bebop, Rocksteady, Krang, or Foot Soldier. Everything awesome can’t be made even more epic with ooze action I suppose.

Each of the figures stands about 3-inches tall and Leonardo comes with his signature weapons. The figures are articulated at their neck and shoulders, allowing for you to pose the figures a little bit.

Now these figures are very similar to Kidrobot’s blind-box TMNT figures, but the design is slightly different. These figures have removable limbs (arms, head, cape, etc), but in terms of character design and size, they are nearly identical to the blind-box line.

For being such small figures, I was impressed at how well they were painted. There is pretty much no slop. Also, since these figures are part of the “ooze action” lineup, they feature ooze splatters on the figure’s body or on their accessories. The ooze looks cool in the light, but turn the lights off and it glows in the dark (sorry no pictures).

Overall, if you are looking to get some Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles merchandise that isn’t an action figure, these figures might just be right up your alley. They best part of all? They are based on their classic TMNT designs.

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Where to Buy?

Entertainment Earth is currently selling the whole set of these figures for $54.99, making each figure cost around $9. If you are feeling lucky, you could always search for a deal on eBay.

UPDATE: These figures are sold out at Entertainment Earth. But, you can still find some of them on Amazon, and you can always mozy on over to eBay and do a little searching for these Kidrobot Ooze TMNT figures.

By Nick Lenihan

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