Indiana Jones Livestream Reveals.

Just today Hasbro held their first Indiana Jones Livestream revealing a range of products from all their lines themed on the franchise. If you’re a reader of this site you know I’m mostly interested in the Adventure Series as that’s a line I have been looking forward to for the last few years.

Here’s a list of the reveals:

Indiana Jones Hasbro Pulse Fan Stream 2023

Indiana Jones Monopoly Spring 2023

Role Play Indiana Jones Action Cracking Whip

Whip Action Indiana Jones 12″ with Voice-Sounds

Indiana Jones World of Adventure

World of Adventure Indiana Jones (Kids Line)
World of Adventure Helena Shaw (Kids Line)
World of Adventure Indiana Jones On Horseback (Kids Line)
World of Adventure Dr. Jürgen Voller With Fighter Plane (Kids Line)
World of Adventure Indiana Jones with Motorcycle – Sidecar (Kids Line)

The Adventures of Indiana Jones Retro

Marion with Monkey Raiders of the Lost Ark (Retro Card)
Major Arnold Toht Raiders of the Lost Ark (Retro Card)
German Mechanic with Wrench and spring action arm Raiders of the Lost Ark (Retro Card)
Dr. René Belloq mail away figure design Raiders of the Lost Ark (Retro Card)

Indiana Jones Adventure Series 6 Inch Spring 2023

Indiana Jones Club Obi-Wan Temple of Doom Target Exclusive
Walter Donovan with Zombie-Dead head The Last Crusade Walmart Exclusive
Indiana Jones Professor Walmart Exclusive

Indiana Jones Adventure Series Pipeline Reveals – Temple of Doom

Indiana Jones Temple of Doom Deco
Short Round Temple of Doom
Hypnotized Indiana Jones

Indiana Jones Adventure Series Pipeline Reveals – Dial of Destiny
Indiana Jones Dial of Destiny
Helena Shaw Dial of Destiny

Monopoly is always a big seller so I can see why they have done an Indiana Jones one and I can see how it would be unique. Of course, there are the obligatory role-play items being Indy’s whip which I think they did something similar for KOTCS. The 12″ Indiana Jones figure looks very limited, especially compared to the 12″ figures they did in conjunction with KOTCS which looked far better, I don’t know why kids would be interested in something like this.

I could say the same for the World of Adventures line which I am not sure kids would be interested in unless they were already fans of Indiana Jones then they may be a good starting point for them, The Retro line looks great and certainly has its appeal but these were before my time so I have no nostalgia for them but I would love to see some of these characters pop up in the Adventure line (I’m looking at you German Mechanic & Marion Ravenwood in dress)

I’m surprised we didn’t see anything in the prop replica line as I would certainly love to see more of those. The thing I was most looking forward to was the Adventure Series reveals and they didn’t disappoint though I can absolutely understand US fan disappointment with more store exclusives. The new figures they revealed were Club Obi-Wan Indiana Jones (previously leaked) Professor Indiana Jones (Last Crusade) and Walter Donovan.

I really like the spread of accessories that they come with. For Club Obi-Wan Indy you get the remains of Nurhachi, the diamond, the antidote, the long sword he uses to cut down the gong to make his escape, and the flaming skewer he threw at one of Lao Che’s goons and impaled him with it! All the accessories look great and I would worry if I would lose the diamond and antidote so I would be careful about how I display them. I’m not sure if he’ll come with some interchangeable hands though that would be sweet.

Next up we have Professor Indiana Jones from The Last Crusade and this one is one I didn’t expect to see so soon but I can’t complain about getting on different versions of Indiana Jones from the films. The head sculpt looks different from the Club Obi-Wan head and I really like the differently suited upper body they have used for the figure as well. The accessories look fantastic the Crusade Knight shield looks very accurate and I like how the torch has a bone handle like its onscreen counterpart which he made in the sewers of Venice, and Henry Jones Snr’s book is a lovely little addition as well.

Seeing Walter Donovan in the line so soon is a very big surprise and him not being part of a Last Crusade does strike me as a bit odd. Though I have to say Hasbro has nailed the likeness to Julian Glover and I am so stoked he comes with all the accessories he needs as well. He comes with part of the tablet which he shows Indy at the beginning of the film in his swanky apartment. He also comes with the fake Holy Grail, a Walther PPK which he uses at the end of the film, and the best accessory of all an interchangeable head showing the effects of the fake grail which is something I hoped they would do and they didn’t disappoint. I am glad Hasbro isn’t skimping on the grisly accessories! It looks incredible and I feel torn about how I’ll display him.

Club Obi-Wan is a Target exclusive in the US and Toys R Us in Canada and Professor Jones and Donovan figures are Walmart exclusives in the US and Canada. These will be released on fan channel sites and Amazon in European countries. It should be noted that Club Obi-Wan Indy goes up for pre-order tomorrow and the other two later this Spring.

Though that’s not all though as there were some pipeline reveals that I didn’t expect them to do there were five firstly Temple of Doom Indiana Jones (Torn shirt) Short Round, and Hypnotized Indiana Jones, and two from Dial of Destiny Indiana Jones and Helana Shaw. It’s unclear if all these figures are in the same wave or not and I am sure we’ll know in good time. I’m glad that we’re getting all the variants of Indy from the films and hopefully, we’ll get some of the other characters in the different costumes from the films as well as some goons for Indy to fight as well.

Hopefully, we’ll get another live stream before the film hits cinemas on June 30th.

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