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4 Comments on How to Ship Action Figures – Carded

  1. Flipp

    Great Post! Im having an issue though. I just started selling carded action figures on ebay right? buying them and selling them for double the price I bought them for. Somehow, (which makes no sense to me) Im actually losing money between shipping and ebay fees. Can you help me out with this?

    • You need to tell me more information.
      1. Where are you buying them.
      2. What mailing method are you using?
      3. What type of figures are you selling?
      4. Are you offering free shipping?

  2. John

    Making your own box should work fine if you use corrugated cardboard and ensure that the direction of the corrugation matches that of a pre-made box. The vertical supports weight, the horizontal will crush more easily.

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