Hot Toys The Wolverine Sixth Scale Figure Review

Hot Toys has made a few different Wolverine 12 inch figures over the years, but for some reason they just aren’t that popular. It might not help that their last version of him was based on his Last Stand appearance. That movie just wasn’t a hit. Though, The Wolverine seemed to be a hit with many people and today I have the Hot Toys The Wolverine sixth scale figure for review!

Hot Toys The Wolverine Sixth Scale Figure – The Review

The Wolverine comes packaged in a pretty standard Hot Toys shoebox style box. It has the Wolverine pictured on the front in black and white (same image as one of the movie posters), with an image of the actual figure on the side and back. I think that the front of the box looks really good, but the side just looks off with an image of the actual product. If you are going to go black and white, go black and white.

All of his accessories come packed in two different trays, with one of the trays coming connected to the top of the box. His accessories include 5 pairs of interchangeable hands (including metal claws and plastic bone claws), 2 complete costumes, an engraved Japanese metal sword, a sheath and a standard figure stand with the movie logo.

He might seem a tad bit light on accessories, but I really didn’t think so. He comes with 2 complete outfits!

The sculpt and paint is generally the categories where Hot Toys shines, but this time not so much. The figure is definitely Hugh Jackman, but this time, the sculpt is a little bit soft. For the most part, the paint is spot on (like his chest, hands, and hair), but my figure’s eyes are looking off to his left! The eyes were really bothering me, so I just had to see if everyone’s figures were like that. It seems like I just got unlucky so I will have to get a replacement.

His articulation is pretty standard to any other Hot Toys figures. His chest features a rubber coating (similar to Evil Superman) to give him a bit of bulk, but I still think he’s a bit too slim. With all of his black clothes on he tends to be slightly hindered in the arms, but that can easily be solved by just taking off the outer coat.


I think that once I get my head sculpt replaced, I am going to absolutely love this figure. I love the fact that you are getting 2 complete outfits so that you can decide what look you want to give him. I’m really half way tempted to buy a blank TrueType body and head sculpt just so I can display both looks.

Simply put:

‘The Wolverine’ > ‘Last Stand’ Wolverine

Check out the full gallery of images at the bottom.


If you are interested in buying the Hot Toys The Wolverine sixth scale figure, he is still in stock at Sideshow Collectibles. I wouldn’t wait too long to purchase him though, as he’s likely to sell out very soon.

UPDATE: This figure has sold out at Sideshow, but you can still pick him up at Big Bad Toy Store, or at Amazon: Movie Masterpiece “Wolverine: SAMURAI” 1/6 scale figure Wolverine, or you can always search on eBay for this Hot Toys The Wolverine figure.













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