Hot Toys War Machine Mark 2 Diecast Sixth Scale Figure Review

It’s finally here! The very first Hot Toys 1/6 scale diecast figure has arrived! Hot Toys has had a bit of trouble with the production of their new diecast line, but that didn’t stop the Hot Toys War Machine Mark 2 sixth scale figure from being the first diecast figure in my collection.

This figure actually has a series number of MMS198D03, but it was able to be manufactured easier than the Iron Man Mark 42 or Iron Patriot diecast figures, and oh man it’s awesome.

Are you wondering where the War Machine was in Iron Man 3? Well, he was actually supposed to be in the film but it was cut out at the last-minute.


First things first, the packaging. This figure comes in a newly designed box that actually splits in the middle to allow you to open in. The upper half of the box has a plastic casing with the white outline of the War Machine Mark II, which actually gives it a kind of 3D effect.

Once you get the packaging open the figure is housed nicely in a styrofoam container with “War Machine” cut out of the lid. Most of the accessories are inside the styrofoam box, except the figure stand and batteries, which are attached to the bottom of the styrofoam container in a plastic tray.


This figure doesn’t really come with very many accessories, but for that the price is slightly lower than the other diecast releases. However, he does come with 3 pairs of interchangeable hands, a detachable shoulder machine gun, and LED lit figure stand, and the Sideshow Exclusive Holographic War Machine Mark I mini-figure. You have more than enough hands here, as one of the sets is the fully articulated pair that we have seen with other Iron Man suits.


There is essentially no paint work on the figure, as most of the armor pieces were just molded in the color the should be. Though, with that being said there is some paint, and where there is it is perfect.


The articulation on this figure is something that will really amaze you. He features all of the normal articulation that an Iron Man suit would feature, and then some. His shoulders, elbows, abdomen, hips and ankles all feature an extendable joint which allows you to take the articulation to the next level. For the most part it doesn’t look too bad with the joints extended, which I think is very cool if you put your figures in dynamic poses while on display.

To see all of the articulation in action, Hot Toys has put out a YouTube video here.


Seeing video reviews, photos, or anything else really doesn’t do this figure justice. You need to have this figure in your hand and experience it for yourself. If you want a super articulated War Machine, this guy is for you. Though, even if you’re not a fan of the War Machine Mark 2 suit from Iron Man 3, this figure might be worth picking up anyway.  I honestly wasn’t a big fan of the suit when I pre-ordered him, but after playing with him for a few days he has quickly become one of my all time favorite 12-inch figures.

With every release, Hot Toys manages to improve their Iron Man figures more and more, and this is no exception. I honestly can’t recommend this figure enough.



If you are interested in buying the Hot Toys War Machine Mark 2 1/6 scale figure then you can hop on the wait list at Sideshow Collectibles for either the Exclusive Version or the Regular Version.

UPDATE: The Iron Man 3 version of this figure is no longer available through Sideshow Collectibles. If you want to pick up this figure, your best bet will be to check eBay. Click this link to search eBay for this Hot Toys Iron Man 3 War Machine figure.

Also, if you’re interested, there is an Avengers 2: Age of Ultron version of the figure still available through Sideshow Collectibles.



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