10 Comments on Hot Toys Unveils an Avengers: Age of Ultron Artist Mix Collection that’s sure to disappoint

    • Nick Lenihan

      So far I can only find one pre-order out of Malaysia. After translating the currency, the exclusive set mentioned above is $270. eBay is showing each figure at $75, but I think that’s just a scalper.

      Do you still dig them?

    • Nick Lenihan

      Maybe, but I think that I can appreciate the artist designs, as I have many artist interpretation figures in my collection.

      I mean these bobble heads are decent and in all seriousness I would have expected more from Hot Toys. I guess what’s most annoying is that Hot Toys (known for making the highest quality action figures) is now venturing into the bubblehead market. I can think of one single company that will always do this better and they start with an F and end with unko.

      I could think of way better things that Hot Toys could be using their spare resources on, like maybe making a Hot Toys quality 6-inch line? People would go nuts for this and already have confidence in their product. Going from action figures to bobble heads doesn’t make much sense to me, especially when there is a 6-inch collector base that would likely be all in for a lower price point.

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