Hot Toys Secret Base Project – A Super Secret Project Is In The Works

Discover the Hot Toys Secret Base Project! Wait… What’s the Secret Base? No one really knows for sure, but they have told their fans that they have a secret mission in the pipeline. Hot Toys urges fans to “Like” and “Follow” their newly launched Secret Base Facebook Page now!

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From Hot Toys:

Ten lucky fans from Hong Kong will be selected and have an opportunity to join our exciting collectible journey and become the first ones to purchase the latest Hot Toys Collectibles and more.
Don’t miss out!

In the terms and conditions for this “Secret Base Project”, Hot Toys has said that the winners will be selected before October 5th. The prize must also be collected by the winner personally, so I guess that means that everyone that doesn’t live in Hong Kong is SOL.

But the real question is what is theHot Toys Secret Base Project? Are they announcing an awesome new development in the 1/6th scale market? Are they opening an online store? Or are the just announcing the latest and greatest Iron Man armors? Let me know what your thoughts are about the Secret Base Project in the comments below.


By Nick Lenihan

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