Hot Toys Scar Predator 2.0 Sixth Scale Figure Review (2013)

I’m officially no longer a Predator virgin. I finally took the plunge and bought my very first Predator action figure. Don’t get me wrong, I love the Predator movies. I have just never actually bought a Predator action figure, until now. I bought the Hot Toys Scar Predator 2.0 Sixth Scale Figure, and he’s pretty awesome. Today we are going to be doing a full-blown review on him with plenty of pictures.

Note: This is the 2013 version of the Hot Toys Scar Predator. There was also a version of him that came out in 2006.


The Hot Toys Scar Predator 2.0 comes in a pretty standard Hot Toys slip box. There is a nice image of the Scar Predator pictured on the front, with “Alien vs. Predator” printed on the front with shiny writing. It looks very nice. On the back of the packaging, it just warns you not to stab your children with the sharp metal objects that the Hot Toys Scar Predator comes with.

The inside tray was pretty interesting for this figure. It is only one layer, but you can remove the sections with the blades and his hands without actually opening the tray. I suppose this is for easier access to change out his hands if you want to quickly modify your display. I like it.


If you compare this head sculpt to the 2006 version, this head sculpt is 100% better. Hot Toys did the Scar Predator very early in their career and it’s very interesting that they have decided to revisit the property now that they have really stepped up their game. Of course he looks like he came right out of the movie. He has some really great facial textures and wrinkles that you can see on-screen.

His Predator mandibles are removable, allowing for you to capture every look he had in the AvP film. There is a downside to this, however. If you look closely you can actually see the lines where the mandibles separate from the head sculpt. I wish there was a better way for Hot Toys to cover this up, but sadly I don’t think there is a solution for this.

The Hot Toys Scar Predator 2.0’s dreadlocks are made of rubber, allowing them to freely flow however they want.


Hot Toys and paint is just about always a perfect score. Sometimes they don’t quite make the score, like this time. The only problem that I had with Mr. Scar was the paint on his dreadlocks. They paint is quite far off from where it should be (you can probably even see it in the pictures).

Other than the dreadlocks, the Scar Predator looks fantastic. I love how they did the armor and even the underlying Predator body paint looks good.

Again, compare him to the 2006 version and you can’t even call that other guy a Scar Predator.


The Hot Toys Scar Predator 2.0 isn’t the most articulated Hot Toys figure, but you can still get some pretty good poses out of him. I think that the main reason that this figure isn’t super articulated is the simple fact that he’s wearing fishnets.

He does have the pretty standard sixth scale articulation that you can expect, just slightly less especially in the hip and shoulder region.


I was pretty happy with what accessories that the Scar Predator came with. He comes with 6 different hands (2 fists, 2 open palms, 1 right hand for holding spear or shruriken, and 1 left palm for holding dagger), an articulated shoulder cannon, an extendable spear, a metal dagger with leg sheath, a shuriken (with and w/o blades), 3 different length arm blades, and a figure stand.

What I thought was the coolest was that the arm blades and the dagger are both metal. You need to seriously be careful with them though or you will end up shredding yourself.

There are enough hands to use each of his accessories, which is a must. The extendable plastic spear also attaches onto the Scar Predator’s back via a plastic clip.


If you are a fan of the AvP movies, then this is the ultimate collectible for you. This is even better for you if you missed out on the first version of the Hot Toys Scar Predator that came out in 2006. This Predator is ultra detailed, has tons of accessories, and is one of Hot Toys’ finest works of art.

I can’t wait until the Hot Toys Celtic Predator 2.0 comes out next!


If you are interested in buying the Hot Toys Scar Predator 2.0 Sixth Scale Figure then you can buy it now from Sideshow Collectibles. He’s IN STOCK with FREE SHIPPING.

UPDATE: This figure is sold out at Sideshow and other online retailers. However, he does show up on eBay frequently. Click this link to search eBay for this Hot Toys Scar Predator figure.

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