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Chirrut Imwe: A Hot Toys Story

Hot Toys has details on their 1/6 scale Rogue One: A Star Wars Story Chirrut Imwe action figure

The actor Donnie Yen has just been cemented in the hearts of Star Wars fans and nerds alike with the creation of Hot Toys’ amazing new 1/6 scale, fully articulated action figure. The full reveal comes less than 3 weeks from Rouge One’s premiere date. The newest addition to the Rouge One 1/6 scale line, Chirrut joins Jyn Erso, Baze Malbus (who was revealed earlier with Imwe, and is teased in the photos), and many more super rad new figures Hot Toys blessed us collectors with. And just wait ‘til you read the Hot Toys exclusives!

Details on the Hot Toys Rogue One Chirrut Imwe Action Figure

What’s the figure look like?

Well, it looks a whole lot like Donnie Yen, that’s for sure! Hot Toys new head sculpt is sure to blow you away with its likeness. His clouded eyes are chilling, super ice-blue at the center and darker around the edges. His hair looks so real! I want to touch it… His face also looks scruffy; you can see the hint of 5 O’ clock shadow he grew after a long day of slaying Stormtroopers.

Chirrut’s meticulously hand-tailored robes look like some sort of Arch-Mage costume, which is to say, super badass. He’s wearing loose black pants over his brown leather boots, and is rocking two layers of robes: 1 red one beneath, and a sturdy looking blueish-grayish-blackish robe over the top. There’s a ton of different fabric textures going on, and it even looks like he has a little breast pocket! His left arm looks armored, and he’s rocking a white wrist-computer/blaster thingie. Like a fingerless power glove! He also has a black cape pinned to his back.

How big is the 1/6 scale figure?

Chirrut will stand just under 12 inches tall (29cm.)

Does he come with accessories?

So. Many. And they’re all really cool! Starting with wearables, it looks like Chirrut pilfered a Stormtrooper bandolier and ammo belt, making the stark white stand out brilliantly against his dark costume. Probably my favorite accessory is the articulated crossbow, which is attached to a brown leather strap so Chirrut can wear it on his back while whoopin’ butts with his staff. The staff, his main weapon, is primarily wooden with metal, machine-like parts on the tips and where it fits into his hand.

Chirrut also comes with 4 pairs of hands, and 1 extra left fist. The four pairs of hands are for fighting (more fists), open hands, a pair of staff-holding hands, and a pair of crossbow-holding hands. With the regular version, Chirrut comes with a black plastic stand with a small gray placard with the Star Wars logo, the Rebel insignia, and Chirrut’s name. It looks like you’ll also get a mini picture of Chirrut with his cross

It’s Hot Toys, so I know there’s an exclusive something somewhere! What are they?

The Sideshow Collectibles exclusive version pays homage to actor Donnie Yen’s cultural background, with packaging that incorporates ancient Asian watercolors and a latch closure is reminiscent of traditional Asian clothing. In addition to the super rad box, you’ll also get a mini-diorama stand, which looks like rocky ground with ferns and whatnot growing out of it. You will also get a Stormtrooper helmet accessory (you can’t put it on the figure) to lay at Chirrut’s feet. You can get the exclusive version by ordering directly from Sideshow Collectibles.

How much will the Chirrut figure cost?

Sideshow has the deluxe version of the figure up for pre-order for $244.99, and the regular version for $219.99. The figure is expected to be shipping sometime in May – July 2017.

Check out the blind warrior monk in action below!

Photos of the Hot Toys Rogue One Chirrut Imwe Action Figure

Rogue One Hot Toys Chirrut Imwe action figure

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