Hot Toys Robin 1966 Sixth Scale Figure Review

A couple of months ago we were finally treated to high-end Batman 1966 TV series action figures, with a release of both the Hot Toys Robin and Batman 1966 sixth scale figures. The Batman figure was actually pretty good, but this Robin may possibly be less than desired.

The Review

The figure comes packaged in the standard Hot Toys slip-box packaging, with bright-colored artwork on the outside themed like the Classic TV series, which also doubles as a diorama piece. You are almost guaranteed to love the packaging design, even if you were only the slightest fan of the television series.

The diorama piece is nothing really special, as it’s just a cardboard wall with a window. It does, however, allow you to recreate that famous “wall climbing” scene from the show.


Apart from the packaging accessory, the Robin sixth scale figure comes with a few other accessories. He comes with one batarang, a bat radio, bat-cuffs, a figure stand, and 10 interchangeable hands allowing you to use all of the accessories with ease. If you compare this figure’s accessories to what Batman had, Batman definitely received the long end of the stick.

I was totally disappointed that all of Robin’s accessories were just re-used from the Batman sixth scale figure. I mean, he comes with less accessories and the ones he comes with are all re-used.

The figure is pretty well articulated, with over 30 points of articulation. You can get nearly any pose with the figure. However, the elbow joints aren’t hidden very will and really take away from the figure’s appearance.

The costume (on my figure particularly) wasn’t sewn together very well. The cape was missing some threads and the tights are again a problem. The tights Robin is wearing get snags in them very easily, which if you’re not careful, could ruin the figure almost as soon as you take him out of the box. Also, the way Hot Toys did Robin’s knees makes them get caught on the inside of his tights, also ruining the fabric.

I think the sculpt is decent, but not 100% accurate. If you have seen the show, you without a doubt know that it’s a figure of Burt Ward, but if you didn’t see the show the actor may be a little bit harder to identify.

Just like nearly every other figure that Hot Toys has released, the paint job is phenomenal. His skin tone is perfect, you can see his beard stubble, and it just overall makes the figure look very realistic.


I almost never give bad reviews for Hot Toys figures, but this figure had some major problems that don’t really make him worth the money. The sculpt isn’t completely accurate (many people expect this from Hot Toys on every release), the costume was crafted with very little care, and the elbows on the figure don’t really look that great.

Overall I think Hot Toys could have been a bit more creative with the accessories they chose to include with Robin. Reusing accessories from different figures is ok, but when you are making a “set”, please include something new.

I have both Batman and Robin and I can say that I would be more than satisfied if I only got Batman. He comes with better accessories and, well, he’s Batman.

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Where to Buy?

If you are still interested in buying this figure, you can currently still get him at Sideshow Collectibles. If you don’t want to shop at Sideshow, you can always try to find a deal on eBay. It doesn’t seem like many people picked this figure up, so eBay really might be a good option to get the best price.

UPDATE: This figure is sold out at Sideshow.  However, if you want to score a 1966 Robin you can find him on Big Bad Toy Store, and you can find him on Amazon as well: Hot Toys DC Comics Robin (1966 film) Burt Ward 1/6 Scale 12″ FigureAnd you can always pop on over to eBay and see if you can score a Hot Toys 1966 Robin, or even Batman as well.




By Nick Lenihan

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  1. wow! i’m surprised. i’m not a fan of Batman66. but, i do like that Batmobile. i had at one point considered getting Robin (in case i ever did get that Batmobile). kinda glad i didn’t.

    1. Well I mean if you have both Batman and Robin, the figures look pretty good together. Though, I think I’m honestly mad that I wasted the money on… this.

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