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6 Comments on Hot Toys Pepper Potts Sixth Scale Figure from ‘Iron Man 3’, Alternate Iron Man Mark IX Version Available Too

  1. Steven Saldutti

    Also, I hope there’s tweaking on her face. Right now it doesn’t look much like her in my opinion. But glad sideshow is finally showing the females some love!

    • Nick Lenihan

      Yeah. Pepper is off, but I can’t quite pin down what it is. It’s either something with her face, or maybe even her hair.

      This is one of the worst looking figures that I have seen Hot Toys pre-order for awhile. If this can get released/approved like this, my only questions is: WHERE IS DRAX!?!?

      • Steven Saldutti

        Lololol. Precisely! And I think it’s her eyes, cheek bones, jaw, abd hair! Other than that, it’s perfect! And I’m glad you think they’ll probably fix it. It’s a cool figure either way. Been waiting since the movie came out for this one!

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