Hot Toys Iron Man 3 Mandarin Sixth Scale Figure Review

When Hot Toys kept announcing more and more 1/6 scale action figures based on Iron Man 3 I told myself that I wasn’t going to get any of them. Well, here I am almost a year later and I think I can say that I have checked out my fair share of Hot Toys Iron Man 3 action figures. We are only at the beginning, though, as the Hot Toys Iron Man 3 Mandarin sixth scale figure was released not too long ago, and I have him here for a full-blown review.

The Review

The Hot Toys Mandarin 12 inch action figure comes packaged in the pretty standard shoebox style box. On the front of the box, there is an awesome image of the Mandarin sitting in his chair. This box is lacking an actual image of the product, but I really don’t mind on this release.

Packed nicely on just one plastic tray comes all of the Mandarin’s accessories. He comes with 7 pairs of interchangeable hands (all including rings), a plastic chair meant to look like wood, a pair of sunglasses and a standard Iron Man 3 figure stand.

You might notice that the Mandarin is pretty light on accessories, but I was thinking what else they could even include with him? I came up with nothing. You have plenty of hands for some great Mandarin poses, a perfectly scaled chair, and an amazingly tailored outfit.

Hot Toys is generally perfect when it comes to paint and sculpt, and this time was no different. The head sculpt of Sir Ben Kingsley is absolutely stunning. I think this might actually be one of Hot Toys best sculpts, coming in very close with Agent Phil Coulson. The paint on the figure is also perfect just like the sculpt.

With the Mandarin you are going to be getting some of the standard articulation that you would get on other 1/6 scale figures. His beard only hinders his articulation the slightest bit and everything else seems spot on. The figure was a little bit hard to stand up due to his lackluster ankle articulation, but once you get him standing he won’t be falling on you.


For a character that I absolutely hated in Iron Man 3, this sixth scale figure of the Mandarin is definitely awesome. He will make a great addition to just about any 1/6 scale collection (due to his bad ass look when you pose him in his chair), even if you don’t have any of the other Iron Man 3 figures.

It may seem like this figure isn’t worth the full retail price because he is running pretty light on accessories, but I am here to tell you he’s worth it. He’s everything I expected and then some.

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If you are interested in buying the Hot Toys Mandarin 1/6 scale figure then you can still get him at Sideshow Collectibles.

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This figure was provided for review by Sideshow Collectibles. All text and opinions are that of the reviewer.

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