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6 Comments on Hot Toys Hulkbuster Sixth Scale Figure is the ‘Ultimate’ Hulkbuster

      • Javi M

        WTF – seriously? I just got sick . I already preordered one piece.
        There has to be way to align SSC – even with the shipping costs to them it wouldn’t cost them more than $30 per piece.

        They will ship them ocean freight – a 20 foot container from China to estimated price (San Fransisco, USA): $2,560 – $2,820. If they fit 100 units which is a small load their cost is $30 aprox. We know that they will ship way more than 100 units.

        Do you have an Asian contact we can buy from?

        I am in Mexico City – I ll have to reship this again to me. ;0(

        • Nick Lenihan

          I know right! I’m completely mad about that. What gives Sideshow the right to mark the product up $175 just because they are the “exclusive” North American distributor?

          I was thinking about the shipping containers earlier. They probably fit more than 100 per container, those things are huge.

          I do not have an Asian contact. Sideshow is actually cracking down on people who are buying from outside of their distribution zone. So if you live in America, you can only buy from Sideshow or the retailers they distribute to. Pretty lame, but I guess business is business.

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