Hot Toys Hawkeye Avengers Sixth Scale Action Figure Review

The second premium figure from one of my favorite movies of all time has finally been released and dropped on my doorstep. The Hot Toys Hawkeye Avengers Sixth Scale Action Figure! I have been waiting for this guy for A LONG time, especially after I received the Nick Fury figure and he was amazing. The early reviews that I have read for Hawkeye have been pretty promising and once I was able to get this guy out of the amazing packaging that Hot Toys always has, this guy has proved to be yet another success.

This guy was a little bit harder for me to get, I missed the pre-order so I ended up paying a little bit more. I don’t mind though because I think this guy is still worth what I ended up paying in the end.

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You know you must be some sort of a bad ass when you come packaged in a giant purple box right? The box for Hawkeye is pretty basic. There is a nice shot of the character on the front of the box that runs over to the right side. I really like black and white photos. It does seem to be missing a S.H.I.E.L.D. logo on the box though. This box is also basic like we saw for Nick Fury.  Once you slip the sleeve off there is a window inside revealing the figure inside. What is missing though is something about the character or about S.H.I.E.L.D. in my opinion. If this was included then I think this packaging would be amazing. It still is amazing without it so I really have no complaints.

Once you slip the sleeve off there is a window inside revealing the figure inside. What is missing though is something about the character or about S.H.I.E.L.D. in my opinion. If this was included then I think this packaging would be amazing. It still is amazing without it so I really have no complaints.

On the back of the box be sure to read the warning about choking. You might choke on how awesome this figure is.

I love how the box is collector friendly. You can manage to get the figure out and all the accessories without damaging the box at all. Really great if you want to put the figure back in the box if you are moving or something.


The sculpt for this guy is great. The expression that Hot Toys put oh his face works in a variety of poses. It is rather amazing, actually, how well the head sculpt was done. You can see every little detail on his face down to where his beard is going to be growing in at. Incredible.

Then you can take a look at his “muscular body” and on his arms you can see where his arm hair is. Hot Toys figures are so amazing to me they are like little 12″ humans sitting on my shelf waiting until I fall asleep to come alive and kill me. That’s how real they look.

Accessories and Costume

Hawkeye’s costume probably has some details that you can notice that you probably didn’t notice while you were watching the movie. Maybe you did if you pay attention to details that well in the movies. I don’t so there were some surprises to me when I busted this guy out.

This guy comes with quite a few accessories but not quite as many as Nick Fury had. He has just 6 hands, 2 bows, 16 arrows, 11 arrowheads, sunglasses, armguard, and a figure stand.

He has 2 right hands 1 relaxed and the other one is meant for holding the bow. For left hands, he has 1 relaxed hand and then 3 different hands for holding onto the arrow. I only really liked 2 of the hands. One of the hands looks like he is pointing and I couldn’t really find any use for it.

He has 2 bows. One of the bows is foldable without a string and the other one has a string and is not foldable. The foldable one is pretty cool but I more preferred the one with the string. The string is elastic and you can actually shoot the arrows with it. Pretty cool. Just watch your eyes and Nick Fury’s other one.

He has a ridiculous amount of arrows and arrowheads. There is a bunch of different styles of arrowheads to suit whatever you want to display with him. There are all of the extra ones that are pictured and then there are some that came already in the quiver. The ones that are in the quiver actually spin around in the bottom. If you have big fingers then you are going to have one hell of a time trying to get that thing to work. If you want all of the arrows in the quiver then you are going to want to devote some time to slowly feed each of the arrows into the small holes in the quiver. It is well worth the time but I don’t think that I will be taking the arrows out of there for a while.

Then he also comes with sunglasses that fit him perfectly, a figure stand that is similar to what Nick Fury got, and that armguard on his right arm. If you take off his right hand you can remove the guard. I don’t know why you would want to, though.


The paint job also goes along with the sculpt. It captures an extremely high level of realism. If you look very close at the skin on the figure then you can see freckles, veins, and hair that is about to grow back.

He also has the realistic glossy eyes like Nick Fury had. They are also slightly red also. Hot Toys has mastered what the real human eye really looks like and put it into their figures.


The articulation in his hips is a little bit restricted by his extremely tight pants but that might fix itself over time. The rest of his joints are pretty much just like human joints. His boot treads are a little bit hard making some posing a little bit of a balancing act but nothing to really complain about. Articulation is great and I’m sure his pants will loosen with time.


This guy is pretty amazing. If you are trying to build the entire Avengers team than you NEED to pick up Hawkeye. Even if you aren’t then he is a pretty good figure and I would defiantly recommend him. He is a lot of fun too with the elastic bow and the notched arrows. Just be careful not to lose any of the tiny pieces!

Ordering Options

UPDATE: eBay is your best bet for finding this figure.

Sideshow Collectibles sold out of this character long ago but click this link to: search eBay for this Hot Toys Hawkeye 1:6 Scale action figure.

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      1. Well, got him off eBay from a seller in Canada for $407.00, which was actually the cheapest I’ve found off eBay for hawkeye. Great advice action figure guy! Indeed, no avengers collection is complete without it. Thanks again!

  1. Let me tell you. I totally regret not ordering this figure. There are no “deals” with Hawkeye. Even on eBay. Looking at a minimum 3 bills. And that’s if you’re lucky.

  2. jajjajajaj I bought it here in Bogotá (Colombia) for about 200 bucks more!!! I feel so lucky!!! Avengers assemble!!! Though I misses HT Mark VII, which is sold out everywhere, I preordered Mark XLII!!!! Do u thing Mark VII would be included in the DIECAST series???!!!! They announced The Avengers would be included in DIECAST.

    1. I must have missed the announcement about the Avengers being included in the Diecast series. The only figure that would fit would be the Mark VII. I don’t really see Hot Toys doing a Diecast Hulk, Thor, Black Widow, Loki, Nick Fury, etc.

      1. That’s what I’m saying! take a look at this The Avengers logo is included in the announcement of Diecast Series, I think the same, the only figure that would fit would be the Mark VII. So if Mark VII of the ordinary serie is already sold out, this would be a chance to get it!!! What do you think? Do you see Mark VII coming to Diecast Series anytime soon??!!!

        1. I see. IF they are going to do the Mark VII I don’t think that you are going to see it this year. Hot Toys is more focused on Iron Man 3 suits for the time being. They are what is the most popular for the Marvel/Iron Man license at the moment since the movie just came out. Though, that is just my personal opinion. You never know.

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