Hot Toys Avengers Thor Sixth Scale Figure Review

The Hot Toys Avengers line is one line that I just HAVE to have every figure in the line. I can’t skip one figure because then my Avengers team would look like it was missing someone. Today I have the latest, Hot Toys Avengers Thor Sixth Scale Figure for review.

While I wasn’t extremely excited about getting Thor, he’s still a nice figure to have in my Avengers collection. My wife was waiting for Chris Hemsworth in action figure form more than I was! Join me after the jump and let’s see if the Hot Toys Avengers Thor is as good as the rest of the figures Hot Toys has released so far.


The packaging is the same as the rest of The Avengers line from Hot Toys, there is a basic slip box with a nice image of the character on the front and wrapping around to the side. There is no text about the movie or the character, which I would have really liked to have with each figure in this line.


There is no doubt that the head sculpt on Thor portrays that of Chris Hemsworth, though he does have an odd expression on his face. He looks worried or concerned.

His hair is sculpted, which I actually prefer for male characters. If it was rooted like Black Widow’s hair, I’m sure it would have been a disaster. The hair sculpt looks great though, much better than the previous Hot Toys Thor figure from the first Thor movie.


The paint applications are a little bit sketchy on this figure. I know that I’m not the only person that has had problems with him either. The paint on his face is top-notch as always, but I can’t quite say that for his chain mail armor on his arms.

The black paint is really sloppy on some sections and even completely missing on other parts. It may look just fine in the pictures, but I can assure you that when you have him in hand you will notice the sloppiness. I am exchanging my figure for a replacement from Sideshow because of this problem.

I also had a problem with his red wrist wraps leaking red onto his hands and staining them. My figure came like this and I’m curious if anyone else had this problem as well.


The articulation for Thor is much more limited than other Avengers figures from Hot Toys. He has a muscular TrueType body underneath his armor, but the problem here is that the rubber chain mail armor restricts his movement quite a bit.

You can’t get his arms higher than shoulder level without fear of tearing the rubber chain mail. That was a huge let down for me as I was expecting that I would be able to pose him with his hammer above his head. Not going to happen here.

Thor’s boots are actually articulated at the ankles too (double joints). His ankles on my figure were pretty loose and it was getting pretty aggravating posing him because he constantly wanted to fall down. His heavy metal hammer didn’t help with that either.


Thor comes pretty light on accessories.

He comes with a bunch of interchangeable hands, 9 in total. He has 2 hands for holding his hammer, 2 relaxed palms, 2 fists, 2 open hands, and 1 hand for holding the Tesseract canister. There are enough hands to use the few accessories that Thor comes with.

He obviously has to come with his Mjolnir. It is made of metal and has a leather-like strap on the end of it.

Finally, he comes with the Tesseract in a pretty cool canister. The cube isn’t removable, so if you want the actual cube you are going to have to get Nick Fury or Redskull.


His costume is screen accurate, it just has its problems. Like I mentioned before the chain mail on his arms is made of rubber. It makes it hard to pose Thor’s arms and can get bunched up with you bend his arms. I would be careful picking a pose for him in your display so that it doesn’t put too much stress on the costume.

The cape is made of polyester and comes packaged nicely in the box. It is attached to the figure, but fed through the tray so that it won’t be wrinkled when you get it. The only thing that I wish differently for the cape would be the addition of small wires to help pose the cape. In its current state, it just hangs down at his feet and you need external props to get a pose out of the cape. I’m really a fan of wires in capes.


Compared to the previous Hot Toys Avengers releases, this figure is a bit of a letdown. He comes short on accessories, costume, articulation, and paint. The paint on the arms was the biggest disappointment for me. It looked like a small child painted them. I’m just happy Sideshow has a 30-day return policy.

Even though this figure was a bit of a letdown, I’m glad that I got him. He’s crucial to complete my Avengers display, and you’re going to need him as well if you want to complete the team.


UPDATE: The Hot Toys Avengers Thor Sixth Scale Figure can usually be found on eBay if you’re searching. Click this link to search eBay for the Hot Toys Avengers Thor action figure.

Alternately, if you’re unable to find this figure to complete your avengers team, Sideshow does have a Thor figure from Age of Ultron currently available.

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By Nick Lenihan

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  1. Hey man! Great blog. I, too, am a hot toys nut. I’ve got the whole avengers team with the exception of Hawkeye. I pre-ordered him through John’s collectables, but the ended up not sending that store any. Looks like I will be ebaying him. Your write ups are fantastic, especially because I do not open my boxes (I have OCD I guess!). So, thanks for the detailed write ups, and indeed, my wife was very excited about the Thor figure!

    1. Thanks! Have you seen the prices on Hawkeye recently? I feel sorry for you… I bought my Hawkeye a little late and only ended up paying like $20 or so more than retail. Now he’s like $200 more! Yikes!

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