5 Comments on Hot Toys Avengers Thor Sixth Scale Figure Review

  1. Steven

    Hey man! Great blog. I, too, am a hot toys nut. I’ve got the whole avengers team with the exception of Hawkeye. I pre-ordered him through John’s collectables, but the ended up not sending that store any. Looks like I will be ebaying him. Your write ups are fantastic, especially because I do not open my boxes (I have OCD I guess!). So, thanks for the detailed write ups, and indeed, my wife was very excited about the Thor figure!

    • ActionFigFury

      Thanks! Have you seen the prices on Hawkeye recently? I feel sorry for you… I bought my Hawkeye a little late and only ended up paying like $20 or so more than retail. Now he’s like $200 more! Yikes!

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