Hot Toys Avengers Loki Sixth Scale Figure Review

Marvel movies always tend to be pretty good, and I’m a huge Marvel fan so I was more excited than ever to see Iron Man 3. I must say that I was a little disappointed with the movie though. Not saying it was a bad movie, It just wasn’t as good as I was expecting. All the promotion of the movie probably got me a little over-hyped up. Iron Man 3 did get me pretty excited for more Marvel figures from Hot Toys though. The latest to arrive stateside is the Hot Toys Avengers Loki Sixth Scale Figure. He’s seen a few delays, but now he’s finally here and just waiting for a proper review. Let’s take a look!

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The packaging that Loki comes in is very similar to the other Avengers figures that Hot Toys has produced. The box has an outer slip sleeve, and you can slide it off and reveal the figure inside of a nice window box. I like the image of Tom Hiddleston that they picked for the box, it’s much more fitting for the character than what we saw for the Black Widow box.

Once you open up the completely collector friendly box, you will be greeted by Loki, still concealed in layers of plastic. The first layer contains the figure and most of his accessories. I know that helmet looks awesome, but don’t touch it until you read the instructions. (more on that later)

The Hot Toys Loki figure is so awesome that he comes with 3 trays of accessories. Yes, three. The 2nd layer contains his 2 staffs and his stand and the 3rd layer contains the instructions and the cape. The instructions are very important if you don’t want to damage your figure.

The cape is compressed in the bottom of the final tray and it still came out wrinkle free. It was a nice relief knowing that I wouldn’t have to take it to the dry cleaners to get it to look nice.


Hot Toys is almost always spot on with their head sculpts, but for Loki, I think that there are a couple of things that are off, just slightly. His hairline doesn’t seem near high enough for my taste and I think he’s missing some wrinkles around his cheek area. It almost goes unnoticed until you actually look up Tom Hiddleston as Loki on Google.

The expression on his face works, but I would have liked more. As it is now it just seems a little blank. It just doesn’t say villain to me.

Also, my figure had a problem with his gripping hands. I don’t know if this is a problem for all the figures that have been released, but it was really noticeable on mine. You can actually see the line where the thumbs were glued onto the rest of the hand. It’s bad.


As with the sculpt, the paint is usually pretty solid on Hot Toys figures. This figure was a little bit of a let down on the skin tone though. I’m not saying it’s terrible, it just doesn’t look as well as some of the more recent Hot Toys releases. The pictures make it look not so bad, but in person his skin tone is a tad bit pale.

The paint on the costume looks fantastic, but more on that in the costume section below.


The Hot Toys bodies are some of the best that you can get you hands on as far as 1/6th scale go. Loki’s movement is limited a little bit in the upper and lower body due to his costume. It’s not going to restrict the posing too much, but you will have a few problems.


Like I said above, Loki’s packaging came with 3 different trays of accessories but the trays were kind of empty. You still do get some good accessories, though.

He comes with 9 different hands, 2 gripping, and 7 more for using each of the various accessories. The instructions even picture the Tesseract Container that came with Thor and there are even hands for holding onto that.

Then he comes with the handcuffs that weren’t shown in the initial prototype images of the figure. They don’t open, but they can be used by removing the figures hands and placing them on from there. It’s definitely easier to remove the hands and wrist pegs before you put the cuffs back on.

He also has the muzzle accessory to accompany the handcuffs to help depict his captured look. It just simply slides over his mouth and stays there nicely.

Then there are his weapons. He comes with 2 different daggers (sorry no pictures of them) and 2 different staffs. He has both a long and short staff, both of which have very nice paint jobs and a blue crystal on the end.

Finally, we get to his helmet and cape. These guys can be pretty tricky to put on the figure and I recommend that you read the instructions before you try to do anything at all with them. The helmet comes apart in 2 pieces and you have to put each piece on his head and snap it together while it’s on his head. There are little clasps on both sides and at the back. The clasp on the back of mine broke, which happened with very little pressure. The helmet still snaps together without a problem, but you will want to watch out for that.

The cape can also be really tricky to put on. You have to stuff the ends into his shoulders and snap some little plastic clips onto his shoulder. The clips are pretty thick, so you shouldn’t have a problem with them breaking. It will just take time to stuff the ends of the cape into his shoulders to get the look that you want.


As I said above the paint on Loki’s armor are absolutely spot on. The underlying cloth part of the costume has great detail and are tailored to fit the figure perfectly. There are no bulky areas, it is just tight in some areas. That is screen accurate though.

The boots on the figure are probably the best part. The are 2 piece boots, allowing for full ankle articulation. This is optimal if you want to get some deeper poses out of the figure without extra support.


I have been waiting for Loki for quite some time now and smashing my face on my desk every time I’ve read “delayed”. Now that he’s finally here I can say that he’s probably pretty close to my favorite, if not my favorite, Avengers figure from Hot Toys.

There are a few things that are off about him, but I think that the amazing costume work and the thrill of finally getting my hands on the villain of the line, really make this guy a must have figure.


UPDATE: If you are interested in buying the Hot Toys Avengers Loki 1/6th scale figure, eBay is your best bet. Click this link to search eBay for this Hot Toys Avengers Loki 1:6 scale figure.

By Nick Lenihan

Nick is toy fan, geek, and action figure collector. When not geeking out about action figures and keeping up with the latest Toy News, he likes to pretend to play guitar. He's just another one of those pop culture fanatics that likes to share his passion with the world.


    1. That is SO far from now… Have you bought any of the ones that are out now? If you aren’t going to buy any you should consider picking up Loki since he’s probably not going to be remade (except if you want the Thor 2 version if they do it).

        1. I was a little bit iffy about spending $200 – $300 on a single figure when I first started buying them. I just saw it as an investment though. They hold their value really good if you buy the more popular figures. After about 6 months you can sell the figure and turn a profit if you really needed the money for an emergency.

          Now I don’t think I would ever consider selling them, I’m addicted. They are just amazing.

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