Hot Toys Avengers Iron Man Mark VII 1/6 Scale Figure Review

Iron Man has finally landed and my Hot Toys Avengers line is nearly complete. Now that the genius, playboy billionaire philanthropist Tony Stark has arrived in his Mark VII armor, I just need that one big green guy. He should be here in a couple of weeks, and I’m counting on him to be the figure of the year without a doubt. But enough without the Hulk, we are here for the Hot Toys Avengers Iron Man Mark VII 1/6 Scale Figure Review right? Right.

If you don’t have this guy on pre-order, good luck trying to get him. He’s sold out at Sideshow Collectibles (hop on the wait list here), and prices on eBay have skyrocketed just like they have for Hawkeye recently. Iron Man and Hawkeye must have made some special black market deal so that they are the most valuable figures on eBay, because it’s certainly working.


Now I didn’t get the Sideshow Exclusive version of the Hot Toys Avengers Iron Man Mark VII figure because I didn’t really care for that silly gummy bear Mark 7 that comes with the exclusive version. The only difference in packaging is that the Exclusive Version has a Sideshow Exclusive sticker on the front of the box, as well as a slot in the upper tray for the green plastic exclusive Mark VII.

The box is really similar to the rest of the Hot Toys Avengers figures that have been released so far. It’s a basic slip box, with a nice image of Tony Stark in the Mark 7 suit. Some of the other figures that have been released so far have received pretty boring pictures on the front of the box, but I am quite ok with how Iron Man’s picture came out.

The back of the box features Hot Toys’ company information and tells you not to choke on the Iron Man awesomeness.

There are 2 different trays of accessories with this figure, and man, he’s loaded with all kinds of goodies that really make this figure worth it. More detail on each 12 inch figure accessories later on.


The Mark VII suit comes with a Robert Downey Jr. head sculpt as Tony Stark from the movie. I don’t really think that the likeness is there, and if I had to put a percentage on it I would say the sculpt is somewhere around 70% accurate.

I’m not exactly sure what throws the likeness off either, is it that goofy smirk that they gave him, or something else? Who knows.

The suit has incredible detail no matter what angle that you look at it. Each and every panel that you remove or flip-up reveals even more detail that you just wouldn’t expect on an action figure!


The Robert Downey Jr. head sculpt is painted perfectly, but it still doesn’t change the fact that it doesn’t look like RDJ. The suit on the other hand is also painted perfectly, and if you don’t have a perfect paint job then return it.

The paint matches the on-screen version of the Mark VII perfectly, down to the glossy shine that it gives off. The non-battle damaged armor isn’t completely damage free, as it features light scratches painted on from daily Iron Man use. You can really notice this around his feet where you would expect there to be wear.

I did take off a little bit on the paint score because I’m really not a fan of how Hot Toys did the battle damage on some of the panels. The legs for example just looks badly painted and lightly scratched.


After seeing some preview images of the Hot Toys Avengers Iron Man Mark VII I thought that this figure was going to be super articulated, especially in the hip region. That is really not the case. A good way to describe the articulation is to just think how you would be able to move in an Iron Man Mark VII suit and that pretty much describes it.

The articulation is defiantly limited, but it’s fitting to the suits design. It is really more articulated than most Iron Man figures that you see on the market, because Hot Toys has really gone above and beyond to try to get the most articulation that the could into this figure. They improved the articulation on the neck, allowing for you to look up really far and get some really great flight poses. Hot Toys also added some extra repulsor hands, allowing you to get a true repulsor poses.

The Hot Toys Iron Man Mark VII 12 inch figure also features a hidden, expandable waist joint that adds some articulation. To use the joint you just simply pull the upper body up away from the hips. If you choose to not use the joint you can push the joint back together.

The engineering on this figure is really incredible, something that Hot Toys really does right.


Another thing that the Hot Toys Avengers Iron Man Mark VII 1/6 Scale Figure really does right is come loaded with accessories. Who doesn’t love accessories?

The Mark VII comes with the 2 different heads that we have already talked about above, the Mark 7 and the Tony Stark head sculpt. When you are putting on the Tony Stark head sculpt you can use an extra collar piece on his neck to hide the stump end of the neck from showing.

He comes with 3 pairs of interchangeable hands, 1 pair of fists, 1 pair with bent back wrists for repulsor blasts, and 1 pair with articulated fingers! Yes, articulated fingers. These hands are incredible. They allow you to do just about anything with them, except the true repulsor blast.

Then the Hot Toys Mark VII comes with a ton of different interchangeable armor pieces. He had a normal and battle damaged chest piece, a normal and battle damaged face mask, normal and battle damaged shoulder armor, 3 sets of thigh armor (missile, armor & normal styles), 2 complete sets of arms (1 with the light-up effect and 1 without), 2 sets of shoulder armor (normal and missiles), 1 pair of detachable forearm rockets and 1 pair of wrist lasers on forearm armor.

The display possibilities are really endless with the amount of different armor pieces that Hot Toys has given you with this figure. I still don’t know how I’m going to display my figure!

Light Feature

The way that the light feature was designed is really ingenious if you ask me. Each of the lights has its own switch to turn it on or off, so you have full control over which lights you want to have on. I mentioned above that this figure has alternate arms with the light up effect in it, which I also like a lot. The switches on the arms are on the inside of the biceps, on the head it’s under the mask and for the chest it’s under one of the air flaps (completely hidden from sight).

The lights are really bright, white, LED lights. They run off of 3 watch batteries (in each location). If you don’t plan on using the lights frequently, you might consider removing the batteries from the figure to prevent battery corrosion.


Iron Man has always been one of my favorite characters from The Avengers and I’m really glad that I can finally have a 12 inch figure of him. I feel for the amount of money that I paid for him ($250), I got one heck of a bargain. Maybe that’s just because most of the other figures are pretty overpriced.

The Mark VII comes loaded with accessories, and really has an endless amount of display possibilities. While the Tony Stark head sculpt doesn’t really have likeness of Robert Downey Jr., I still think that this figure is well worth the money.


If you are interested in buying the Hot Toys Avengers Iron Man Mark VII 1/6 Scale Figure, then you are going to have to hop on the Sideshow Collectibles wait list. Everywhere else is sold out. Sideshow just recently started shipping the regular Mark VII, so your chances of getting one if you go on the wait list now are pretty good.

Editors Note

Sideshow Collectibles has sold out of this figure. We suggest that you try your luck on eBay.

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  1. I ordered mine from BBTS. Hopefully (although this has never happened) they won’t get a short supply and I not get it. That did happen with a preorder of mine for hawkeye, but that was a different online store out of New York. And man, I paid through the nose after market!!!! I, too, an waiting for the big green guy, but our collection won’t be complete after that!!!!! We still have to preorder the chitari (sp?). Anyway, thanks for the review. They’re so good, I don’t even have to open mine! And yes, I do take medicine!

    1. Hey! Thanks for the comment. I almost forgot about the Chitauri Footsoldier! I hope that they don’t take too long to release him after the Hulk… I have a feeling that we are going to be waiting forever for it though because we still haven’t even seen promo pictures. Once those images hit we can usually expect to wait a minimum of 6 months.

      UGH. I though I was done after Hulk!

      What did you end up paying for Hawkeye?

      1. 400 bucks. Came from China. Evidently he paid more in shipping than he anticipated and sent me an IM asking me if I felt generous, could I send him an additional $20. I wasn’t feeling generous! Typically I am sensitive about that stuff, but that rubbed me the wrong way!

  2. As always excellent review!!! thanks a lot!! Please tell us about your experience with Sideshow Wait List, I’m in wait list for this since end of May, hope I get one!! I refuse to pay x2 the price on EBay!! If I don’t get it, I think It would be fine to me with my upcoming Iron Man 3 version!!

    1. Hey thanks for the complements! I try and review the figure as detailed as possible so you know exactly what you are getting.

      My experience with the Sideshow Wait List is this. If you get on the wait list before or around the time Sideshow starts to ship the figure, you are pretty much guaranteed to get the figure. This is because once they start shipping the figures out, people’s credit cards decline, orders get cancelled, etc.

      Every time I have been on the list before the figure shipped or just as they were shipping I received the figure I wanted. It usually takes about a week or so before they start to fill wait list reservations. Iron Man may be a little different because he’s so popular, but it sounds like you got on the wait list early enough, so you should get the figure.

      I’ll cross my fingers for you, that email from Sideshow saying that you wait list reservation is going to be filled is one of the best emails that you will ever get.

      1. Well I just bought it for 350 bucks on Ebay. I think It’s a good price for a sold out figure… I couldn’t resist!!! Though I’m still waiting for the waitlist to futfill. I’m thinking If the wait list is fullfilled I could sell it for a really good price here in Colombia, for about 500 bucks! Here there is a good market!!! Still crossing my fingers!

  3. Well, just got my iron man figure from BBTS. I must give them props, they’ve never screwed me. I’ve always gotten my preorders from them. And the figure, well, it looks……it looks……well, I have no idea, I’m relying on Nick’s description! Thanks Nick! Got cat women today too, and correct, I have no idea what she looks like either. Waiting on you to tell me, although I must say, the box cover makes her look like she has no eyes!

      1. Wow. I now feel like a baby bird, and you’re pushing me out of the nest. Good thing I got my psychiatrist on speed dial, because this is a HUGE dilemma!

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