13 Comments on Hot Toys Avengers Iron Man Mark VII 1/6 Scale Figure Review

  1. Steven Saldutti

    I ordered mine from BBTS. Hopefully (although this has never happened) they won’t get a short supply and I not get it. That did happen with a preorder of mine for hawkeye, but that was a different online store out of New York. And man, I paid through the nose after market!!!! I, too, an waiting for the big green guy, but our collection won’t be complete after that!!!!! We still have to preorder the chitari (sp?). Anyway, thanks for the review. They’re so good, I don’t even have to open mine! And yes, I do take medicine!

    • Nick Lenihan

      Hey! Thanks for the comment. I almost forgot about the Chitauri Footsoldier! I hope that they don’t take too long to release him after the Hulk… I have a feeling that we are going to be waiting forever for it though because we still haven’t even seen promo pictures. Once those images hit we can usually expect to wait a minimum of 6 months.

      UGH. I though I was done after Hulk!

      What did you end up paying for Hawkeye?

      • Saldutti

        400 bucks. Came from China. Evidently he paid more in shipping than he anticipated and sent me an IM asking me if I felt generous, could I send him an additional $20. I wasn’t feeling generous! Typically I am sensitive about that stuff, but that rubbed me the wrong way!

  2. Andy Maturana

    As always excellent review!!! thanks a lot!! Please tell us about your experience with Sideshow Wait List, I’m in wait list for this since end of May, hope I get one!! I refuse to pay x2 the price on EBay!! If I don’t get it, I think It would be fine to me with my upcoming Iron Man 3 version!!

    • Nick Lenihan

      Hey thanks for the complements! I try and review the figure as detailed as possible so you know exactly what you are getting.

      My experience with the Sideshow Wait List is this. If you get on the wait list before or around the time Sideshow starts to ship the figure, you are pretty much guaranteed to get the figure. This is because once they start shipping the figures out, people’s credit cards decline, orders get cancelled, etc.

      Every time I have been on the list before the figure shipped or just as they were shipping I received the figure I wanted. It usually takes about a week or so before they start to fill wait list reservations. Iron Man may be a little different because he’s so popular, but it sounds like you got on the wait list early enough, so you should get the figure.

      I’ll cross my fingers for you, that email from Sideshow saying that you wait list reservation is going to be filled is one of the best emails that you will ever get.

      • Andy M

        Well I just bought it for 350 bucks on Ebay. I think It’s a good price for a sold out figure… I couldn’t resist!!! Though I’m still waiting for the waitlist to futfill. I’m thinking If the wait list is fullfilled I could sell it for a really good price here in Colombia, for about 500 bucks! Here there is a good market!!! Still crossing my fingers!

  3. Steven saldutti

    Well, just got my iron man figure from BBTS. I must give them props, they’ve never screwed me. I’ve always gotten my preorders from them. And the figure, well, it looks……it looks……well, I have no idea, I’m relying on Nick’s description! Thanks Nick! Got cat women today too, and correct, I have no idea what she looks like either. Waiting on you to tell me, although I must say, the box cover makes her look like she has no eyes!

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