Hot Toys Avengers Hulk 1/6 Scale Figure Review

It’s the moment that we have all been waiting for, the Hot Toys Avengers Hulk 1/6 Scale Figure has finally hit the US and it’s time for a full review. We have already seen the rest of the Avengers team assembling slowly but surly, but it was just missing a special someone. “The Big Guy”.

I was more ready that anyone on the day that the Hot Toys Avengers Hulk was supposed to arrive. I woke up that day, put on my angry Hulk t-shirt and started waiting. I was really desperate to complete my Hot Toys Avengers collection if you couldn’t tell.

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When the Hot Toys Avengers Hulk actually arrived on my doorstep, I was blow away by just how large the box the he comes in really is. IT’S HUGE!

The box is however styled just the same as the rest of the Hot Toys Avengers boxes, complete with a nice portrait of the Hulk on the front of the box and The Avengers logo on the bottom right. Around the side of the box you can see a gamma radiation symbol, which I though was the icing on the cake for this box.

The back of the box features the legal jargon and tells you not to choke on your Hot Toys Avengers Hulk. I don’t know how anyone could choke on such a huge dude.

The box is made of thicker cardboard than the previous Avengers’ boxes (for good reason too). It’s not a slip box either. To open the box you just open the flap on the top and slide the tray out.

Once you slide that tray out you can finally see the Hot Toys Avengers Hulk. Just glorious.

The tray is made of styrofoam, which really helps protect the figure inside the box due to his large size and weight.


The sculpt that Hot Toys gave the Hulk is just perfect. It is exactly how I imagined it to be, and then some. The hair is sculpted with a wild, messed up appearance, his gums and teeth are scary real, and the texture on his body looks perfect. The hair on his chest isn’t just painted on, it’s sculpted, and the veins on his arms and legs make him look incredible.

The Hot Toys Avengers Hulk also does come with a PERS system, which I actually think is very unnecessary. The way his eyes are sculpted so deep into his head just make it really hard to even see his eyes. The PERS system is also on 2 separate sticks, making it really hard to get his eyes to look in the same direction. I took off a little bit of score from the sculpt for this.


Paint + Hot Toys is just about always perfect. That is true for the Hot Toys Avengers Hulk, except for one little area. His chest hairs. Some of the hairs are actually missing paint, while others have too much paint, looking slightly sloppy. This is really only something that you notice if you look really close at him.

His skin tone on the other hand, that is just perfect. It’s actually not just straight green. There are slight variations all over his body, giving it a really, really nice appearance.


For being such a large hulking green monster, the Hot Toys Avengers Hulk actually has some pretty good articulation.

He has ball joints at the head, neck, shoulders, wrists, waist, ankles, hips, and knees. His elbows are just single jointed elbows. Both his ankles and wrists fit really tight, so you’re not going to be seeing much movement out of them.

His knees, hips, and elbows all have some clicking action to them, which allows the joint to hold his position under the weight of the figure (he’s heavy). Also, his elbow joint does bunch up the rubber on his arms when you bend them.


The Hulk is running a little bit light on accessories, only coming with an extra set of poseable hands. Four of the figures are bendable, giving you a few awesome display options.

The Hulk really seems like he could use some more accessories to smash, especially at this price.


The verdict on this figure is: a must buy. Even if you aren’t really a fan of The Avengers movie, you can still get this figure all by himself and still be satisfied. I mean come on, it’s the Hulk.

It really would have been nice for him to come with more accessories, or even a base, to help warrant the $300 price tag. Hot Toys could have even done away with the PERS and added a base or other accessories for Hulk to smash. Though you do have to consider just how big this figure really is compared to other 1/6th scale figures. Hands down, completely worth it.


Just about everywhere is sold out of the Hot Toys Avengers Hulk 1/6 Scale Figure. You can however still hop on the Sideshow Collectibles wait list and hope that you get one.


Editors Note:

This figure is completly sold out with the exception of Amazon. Your best option from here would be try eBay.

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  1. Great review Nick. As always. I’ve got my pile of loot on at BBTS, so, I haven’t gotten my figure yet. He sounds great, though. Indeed, he should have come with more accessories though. I think in the absence of accessories, he should have come with a Bruce banner then. But who am I? I can’t even open the boxes!
    As an aside, I bought some deck furniture today. Was $400 bucks. Got it for $300. Still a rip off, in my opinion. My money was better spent on the hulk.

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