Hot Toys Avengers Agent Phil Coulson Sixth Scale Figure Review

When the Hot Toys Avengers Agent Phil Coulson Sixth Scale Figure was first announced I have to admit that I didn’t pull the trigger and pre-order him right away. I was a little bit iffy about spending $175 for just a guy in a black suit. Well, time went by, the final product images of Agent Phil Coulson were released, and I was convinced that I just had to add him to my Avengers collection. Thankfully, Sideshow Collectibles still had him still available at the time I ordered him, because now it looks like if you want him you are going to have to hop on the waitlist.

Now Agent Phil Coulson first made his appearance in the first Iron Man film (2008), where he was portrayed by actor Clark Gregg, who then went on to make multiple appearances in other Marvel films like Iron Man 2, Thor, and The Avengers. He’s also going to be starring on Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD this September, which is actually another reason that convinced me to buy the Hot Toys Avengers Agent Phil Coulson Sixth Scale Figure. COULSON LIVES!


The Hot Toys Agent Phil Coulson comes packaged in the standard slip cover box that the previous Avengers figures have come in. There is an ok image of Clark Gregg on the front, with all of the warnings and legal disclaimers along the back. The side of the box also features the S.H.I.E.L.D. logo, as it should.

Once you slip off the sleeve, you can see Agent Phil Coulson encased in a window box with The Avengers “A”. Then you can slide the tray out with the figure, revealing the infamous Clark Gregg. There is only 1 tray of accessories and other goodies with this figure, but they are pretty awesome for just a dude in a black suit.


The head sculpt of 12 inch Phil Coulson is absolutely phenomenal. The likeness and resemblance of Clark Gregg is pretty spot on, if not perfect. Some of the recent Hot Toys figures that I have picked up haven’t been exactly accurate, but this, this is just a complete different story.

His head sculpt features detailed wrinkles around and below his eyes. The level of detail on is head is so amazing down to the way Clark Gregg parts his hair.


Hot Toys and Paint are usually always a really high score, and the Hot Toys Avengers Agent Phil Coulson is no exception. It seems that with every figure Hot Toys has been releasing lately, the paint has been getting slightly better, which I didn’t think was even possible when I started buying Hot Toys 1/6th scale figures.

Phil Coulson features the red and glossy eyes, making him extremely human-like. He also features veins on his skin, like we saw with the recent release of the Last Stand Wolverine figure. Of course, the skin color is perfect.


The 12 inch Avengers Agent Phil Coulson is using a slim TrueType body, which is very fitting to Clark Gregg’s appearance in The Avengers movie. The TrueType bodies are some of the best, so you aren’t going to have any problems getting any of the desired poses out of this figure. Also, Agent Phil Coulson’s suit is thin enough to not restrict his movement at all.


For just a man in a black suit, the Hot Toys Avengers Agent Phil Coulson Sixth Scale Figure comes with quite a few pretty fun accessories. I wasn’t expecting much, but it turns out they were all a lot of fun to “play” with.

Phil comes with 5 interchangeable hands, 1 pair of relaxed palms, 1 left palm for holding gun or S.H.I.E.L.D. folder, 1 right palm for holding gun and 1 left palm for holding the Captain America Trading Cards. There are just enough hands for using all of the accessories that are included in the set.

He also has: Sunglasses, a Bluetooth Headset, a Watch, a Walkie Talkie, a Smart Phone, an ID Card, a Stack of Bloody Captain America Trading Cards and a Level 7 Shield Folder.

It should be noted that both the Bloody Captain America Trading Cards and the ID Card are both double-sided, a big plus.

He comes equipped with 2 different guns, a Glock 19 and his bad ass Destroyer Gun. The Glock 19 has a slide and removable magazine. The only downside is that he doesn’t come with a holster, maybe he just puts it in his waistband? The Destroyer Gun on the other hand, it is amazing. It has a light up feature (which I’ll show below) and a moveable buttstock and sight. It’s HUGE.

Light Effect

The lighting effect on the Destroyer Gun was a pretty cool addition, that is really simple to operate. The switch the button on the bottom of the gun toward the end of the barrel. Just press it down, and presto! There are 3 included cell batteries which power the gun. I advise you remove them when the light is not in use.


While I was pretty iffy about buying this figure from the start, I’m really glad that I finally decided to buy him. His head sculpt is one of the best that I have seen on a Hot Toys figure, and for the price of just $174.99 I think what you get is pretty reasonable. If you are a fan of Clark Gregg then this is going to be a collectible that you just can’t pass on, especially since Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D is coming to ABC this Fall.


If you are interested in buying the Hot Toys Avengers Agent Phil Coulson Sixth Scale Figure then I recommend that you hop on the wait list at Sideshow Collectibles. Every time I have waitlisted a figure, or told someone to, they have received the figure.

Editors Note

This figure is currently sold out at Shideshow Collectables. Instead we suggest you  for it on eBay.

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    1. It’s pretty amazing, you really need to have him in hand to see how well the paint was done though. The pictures just don’t do this figure justice!

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