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3 Comments on Hot Toys Avengers: Age of Ultron and Star Wars Collectibles Unveiled at Toy Soul 2014

    • Nick Lenihan

      Hulkbuster is pretty beast IMO. I’m kind of scared to see what the price is going to be, as it seems like Hot Toys prices have gone up yet again.

      I can’t decide what I’m going to get from this movie. It seem that most of the costume designs are very similar to the last movie, so I might just skip them. I mean, it just seems pointless to get a $300 Hulk figure if the only thing that’s different is the shorts.

      I’m getting Thanos without question though. Try and stop me.

  1. Spoon!

    I can’t wait for that Hulkbuster figure. I can wait on the price. I hope it’s not over 750. Vader and Obi Wan look great. I was hoping for an updated Harrison Ford Han Solo head sculpt. That is keeping me from pre ordering the two back and leaning towards Chewie. They got it right with Starlord, so fingers crossed.

    I really wanted to like the Thanos, but something seems off. Could be the pics but the head seems small-ish and the torso looks funny. Was hoping for more of a wow factor with LEDs in the throne. Also, can his legs bend more, or is he always going to have the Lazy Boy Throne look?

    I would like to see Vision and Ultron.

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