Hot Toys Avatar Jake Sully Sixth Scale Figure Review

I’m sure that many of you guys remember Avatar, the 2009 epic science fiction action film written and directed by James Cameron. It just so happened to be the highest-grossing film of that time, grossing more than $2 billion dollars. Since the movie’s release we have seen quite a few collectibles based on the movie, but only one 1/6th scale figure. Today we are going to be taking a look at the Hot Toys Avatar Jake Sully Sixth Scale Figure in a full-blown review.

This figure came out in 2012 from Hot Toys and is no longer available from Sideshow Collectibles for the standard retail price. However, there are a couple of options if you want to purchase this figure, at the end of the review. Hopefully, this figure review can help convince you that you need to add this figure to you collection before the other 3 Avatar sequels come out.


Since the Hot Toys Avatar Jake Sully is supposed to be 1/6th scale next to the standard 12 inch figure, Jake needs to stand a towering 18″ tall. He also needs a giant box to house him and all of his accessories. He comes in a slip style box with a glossy image of Pandora going across the front of the box. The sides of the box are rather plain, just noting the character’s name  and MMS159. The rest is just plain white.

Once you slip the cardboard slip cover off you can see Jake Sully inside the box. Then you can open up that box and Jake Sully is sitting there in a 2 layer plastic tray. The upper tray features most of his accessories and the figure itself, while the bottom tray just contains the display base.


The sculpt that Hot Toys chose to give Jake Sully is more of a neutral pose. It’s not exactly my favorite facial expression considering that he’s in his battle gear ready to attack, but I think that it still works. If you compare stills from the movie to this figure, it’s a near perfect match.

One thing that I didn’t like about the head sculpt is that behind the ear you can see where the plastic comes together. If you are paying $300+ for a figure I think that it should be mostly hidden from view.


Just like with nearly all Hot Toys figures, the paint is nearly perfect. It’s almost too perfect. I say that because the war paint on Jake Sully’s chest and head are so sharp that it doesn’t look like war paint, it looks like paint that is supposed to be perfectly straight. It’s really not something that bothers me, but I’m sure that the hardcore Avatar fan could have something to say about it.

Also, for Jake Sully being a Pandorian Na’vi alien, he sure does have some extremely realist ‘wet’ looking eyes.


Since the Na’vi spend a lot of their time in very little clothing you happen to see a lot of the joints on the figure. It’s an action figure though, so what do you expect? Most of the joints work exactly as you would expect the human body to function. His elbows and knees can be a little tight, but they do have full range of motion. You can also pose his tail because there is a nice wire inside.

One thing that you are going to want to watch out for is the very delicate feathers and other items on his outfit. When posing him they have a tendency to fall off or get in the way. If they do fall off you can easily just glue them back on with a small dab of glue.


He doesn’t come with that many accessories, but I think he comes with what’s necessary. He comes with 4 hands (1 pair of relaxed palms, 1 right hand for holding gun, 1 right hand for holding knife), a sash, a Gun, 6 grenades, a bandoleer, and a really nice light-up display base. The display base requires 3 AAA batteries, which aren’t included.


The more that I got to play with this figure the more that I started to like him. The Hot Toys Avatar Jake Sully Sixth Scale Figure is a lot of fun to pose and display in your collection. The only major downside that I could find about this figure is the price. For $314.99 it doesn’t seem like you are getting that much.

Though I guess you are getting an 18 INCH figure, a light-up display base and some essential accessories (something that Hulk sure didn’t have). If you really look at the big picture then the Hot Toys Jake Sully figure is a piece that you need to have to represent the Avatar movie.


The Hot Toys Avatar Jake Sully Sixth Scale Figure is still available through Big Bad Toy Store, or you can always hop onto eBay and see if you can score a Hot Toys Avatar Jake Sully figure.

This figure was provided for review by the manufacturer. 

By Nick Lenihan

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