Hot Toys Age of Ultron Captain America Sixth Scale Figure Review

Marvel’s Avengers: Age of Ultron was great, but it left me wondering what new versions of the Hot Toys Avengers am I going to need to buy? Already having the complete set from the first movie, I couldn’t justify buying all of them again, especially because many of them are in less interesting costumes.

I decided that I would skip most of them, unless their final product photos completely blew me away. Captain America was one of those figures that turned out awesome after production, so I decided that I needed to track him down.

Sideshow Collectibles did send me this figure for review, but please note that my opinion is completely unbiased. I just had to ask them for this new Steve Rogers because I desperately needed to upgrade my Cap from the original film. That version had limited articulation, leaving a lot to be desired. He was one of the first few Hot Toys I picked up, and at the time I thought he was great, but as time went by I couldn’t deal with him anymore.

Hot Toys’ latest version of Captain America has a very slick costume design, another thing the original was lacking. He also comes with some great accessories, including a diecast metal shield (with magnets and retractable handles), a masked Captain America head sculpt, a unmasked Chris Evans head sculpt, Cap’s mask, and 8 interchangeable hands (2 of which have magnets for holding the shield).

With over 30 points of articulation you shouldn’t have trouble getting just about any pose. Hot Toys designed the suit with upper body articulation in mind, as they have used a thinner material on the torso. The chest part of his costume is also separate from the shoulder fabric, allowing for you to get a pose with him reaching for his shield, or anything else above his waist for that matter.

The head sculpts appear to be straight re-use from the Captain America and Steve Rogers set from The Winter Solider, so if you have that set you may be wondering what’s so great about this newest version? Mainly the articulation. This is the most articulated version of him yet, and quite frankly I can’t believe Hot Toys didn’t get the articulation down right long before this release.


My figure did have a couple of quality control issues, however they are easy enough to fix by contacting Sideshow’s Customer Service for a replacement. My unmasked head has both of his eyes off to the side and the other problem that I had is that the magnet on his harness to hold the shield on his back was put on backward. Like I said, they are just unfortunate QC issues and they shouldn’t hold you back from purchasing him.

Whether you are looking at picking up your first Hot Toys Captain America, or you are just looking to upgrade a much less superior version that you picked up in the past, you aren’t going to be disappointed with Hot Toys’ latest.

The figure was only recently released and now he’s already in waitlist status on Sideshow’s website and some other retailers have already applied a hefty markup to him. If you want him, I would suggest hopping on the Sideshow waitlist for the rewards points and likely best price. It shouldn’t be long and you will know if your reservation converts into a real order. If that fails, you can probably secure him for a decent price on eBay.

UPDATE: This figure is sold out at Sideshow and most other retailers, but you can still pick one up on Amazon, and you can also search around on eBay for this Avengers: Age of Ultron figure from Hot Toys.

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By Nick Lenihan

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  1. Great review man. I always cringe when you mention QC issues. For two reasons. 1) I never open my figures. And 2) there should never be QC issues from hot toys. Ever. Not when you pay as premium a price as we do. I find that unacceptable. Will I continue to buy their product. Yes, I’m addicted. But they should rise above that. Like you, I own the whole first series. I haven’t even opened my new series yet (from the brown box ). No one should have to even have to consider that.

    1. I agree that QC shouldn’t be an issue with such expensive items, but it still is, even for the best in the world. I guess that’s what happens when you produce 20K+ of something.

      Are you getting the full new series from AOU? I think now that I have Cap, the only other one I have been dying to upgrade is Thor, unless one of the other characters blows me away with the final product photos.

      Thor also has that augmented reality app that I’m not going to miss.

      1. Hey Nick! Yea, I am getting the whole collection. Hulk buster almost made me change my mind, but I dove in head first! I’ve gotten all the ones they have pre-orders for pre-ordered.

        1. Dang! I couldn’t justify getting them all again. I think for the most part the AOU costumes were less interesting. I do like Cap a lot though.

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