5 Comments on Hot Toys Age of Ultron Captain America Sixth Scale Figure Review

  1. Steven Saldutti

    Great review man. I always cringe when you mention QC issues. For two reasons. 1) I never open my figures. And 2) there should never be QC issues from hot toys. Ever. Not when you pay as premium a price as we do. I find that unacceptable. Will I continue to buy their product. Yes, I’m addicted. But they should rise above that. Like you, I own the whole first series. I haven’t even opened my new series yet (from the brown box ). No one should have to even have to consider that.

    • Nick Lenihan

      I agree that QC shouldn’t be an issue with such expensive items, but it still is, even for the best in the world. I guess that’s what happens when you produce 20K+ of something.

      Are you getting the full new series from AOU? I think now that I have Cap, the only other one I have been dying to upgrade is Thor, unless one of the other characters blows me away with the final product photos.

      Thor also has that augmented reality app that I’m not going to miss.

      • Steven Saldutti

        Hey Nick! Yea, I am getting the whole collection. Hulk buster almost made me change my mind, but I dove in head first! I’ve gotten all the ones they have pre-orders for pre-ordered.

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