Hiya Toys Robocop 2 RoboCain Preview

Just this week Hiya Toys gave us an updated look at the Robocop 2 RoboCain figure that will be out this Spring. If you can remember last year Hiya Toys put the standard and battle-damaged versions of RoboCain up for pre-order and showed off some preview images of what the figures will be like. Now Hiya has shown off an unpainted figure of the standard version so you can see the sculpt better and how the articulation would work.

I’ve never seen Robocop 2 so I don’t know all that much about RoboCain aside he is the antagonist who Robocop fights at the end of the film. I know fans have been waiting for years for an official affordable figure of RoboCain which has not been available till now.

The figure does look fantastic and I really love the look of it. The articulation seems to work very well too and I think by the looks of things he has an interchangeable head with a screen on it. This will be a deluxe figure and will cost $50.00 so it’s reasonable to think it’ll come with an interchangeable head. If you are a Robocop 2 fan this figure is a must-have.

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