Hiya Toys Rambo III

A few months ago Hiya Toys revealed their Rambo II Rambo 6-inch scale figure. Now they have revealed the one from Rambo III. As expected, Rambo comes with a lot of accessories. The likeness to Sylvester Stallone is excellent and I really like all three head sculpts.

I can see why people think that the clothes are too baggy, especially in the pants, the vest and jacket look very good though. The array of hands is excellent and the weapons are very well-detailed and very accurate to the film. I like that he has three regular arrows and three explosive arrows.

I really like the removable magazine for the sniper rifle and the AK-47, along with the warhead for the rocket launcher. This figure is scheduled to be released next summer and will cost $90 in the US and over £100 in the UK.

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