Hiya Toys Godzilla VS Kong Exquisite Basic Kong

Just today Hiya Toys released a gallery on the upcoming Godzilla VS Kong Exquisite Basic Kong. Hiya Toys announced the license a while ago and now we have a closer look at Kong who is the first figure in this line. The figure looks absolutely fantastic and incredibly well-detailed and looks absolutely like he does in the film. This figure runs the whole gamut of a 6″ line figure with a fully articulated body and plenty of accessories. I have to say I really love the look of the heads, they look incredible especially for “6 figures, especially the scowling head that looks awesome!

He also comes with three sets of interchangeable hands as well as the battle-ax. The figure stands at 6.3 inches tall and is exclusively available to order from China so no overseas retailers will be getting this one in, unfortunately. This figure is scheduled to ship by the end of the year.

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