Hiya Toys G.I. Joe Storm Shadow.

Just today Hiya Toys revealed their G.I. Joe Storm Shadow figure. I was very keen to know what figure will they release next after announcing Snake Eyes. It does make sense that they doing a figure of his arch nemesis Storm Shadow who’s arguably just as popular as Snake Eyes. This seems to be a more modern look with an armored look to his mask, gauntlets, and shin guards. There are still some classic parts of his costume integrated with the Cobra logo, the shurikens, and of course his classic weapons the two katana and bow which can be stored on his back.

Like all Hiya Toys figures and Snake Eyes, he comes with a lot of accessories including a bow, quiver, three arrows, two katanas, sheaths, interchangeable hood & hands as well as a diorama base. Just like Snake Eyes, he isn’t available to pre-order yet in the UK. I am very keen to see what other characters they’ll be doing in this line and it’s great to see multiple companies have the G.I. Joe license and do some very interesting things with it!

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