Hiya Toys

Hiya Toys G.I. Joe Figures!

Hiya Toys announced today that they had acquired the license to make 3.75″ figures. I know that Hasbro and Super 7 also have the license with Hasbro doing 3.75″ figures with fully articulated figures based on their classic looks and Super 7 doing ones with five points of articulation. Now Hiya Toys have the license to make 3.75″ figures based on their Classified line looks and the first figure in the line is Snake Eyes!

I have to say the details on this figure are impeccable for this scale and I am really impressed with all the little details that they have put into this figure It looks incredible. All the painted details are very impressive as well. Snake Eyes will come with his signature sword & sheath, uzi, pistol and silencer, tactical knife, backpack, and two pairs of interchangeable hands.

The gallery that Hiya Toys have uploaded looks great and I am very excited to see this figure and what else they have planned for this line. I expected this figure will be available to pre-order soon with a launch expected for early next year. I honestly wasn’t expecting this!

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