Judge Dredd

Hiya Toys Black & White Judge Dredd & Judge Mortis.

Just yesterday Hiya Toys revealed two more figures for their 2000AD 4″ figure line. They are black and white versions of Judge Dredd and Judge Mortis. I know that Hiya Toys are releasing an SDCC set that consists of Judge Dredd and Judge Death. As a lot of the comics were printed in black and white it makes sense for Hiya Toys to release the characters in black and white as well so collectors can get either color scheme they prefer or in some instances both!

Also, this is a great opportunity if you cannot get your hands on the SDCC two-pack or just wanted the characters individually. In color, both of these figures look fantastic and they look equally impressive in black and white. Old Stone Face looks incredible with the helmet, badge, and shoulder armor looking very striking cast in black and white. What’s also great about these images is that we get a look at the accessories that each of the figures comes with as well as the stands which we haven’t seen before. It looks like a piece of Cursed Earth which is awesome!

I am set on getting a color version of Judge Dredd as well as a b&w version as well! Pre-orders haven’t gone live on these from retailers yet but they will soon!

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