Hiya Toys AvP Camouflage Scar Predator Revealed!

Just today Hiya Toys revealed another Predator from the AVP. This time it’s the camouflaged version of Scar from an early scene of the film. I do love the look of this figure. I’m a big fan of the Hiya toys AVP Predators though they haven’t been released yet they do look very impressive. So getting a Camouflaged version of Scar is absolutely fantastic!

He looks to come with the same accessories that the masked version comes with. Those accessories are the wrist blades, ceremonial knife, plasma caster, and spear. I absolutely love the paint deco on him and that you can see parts of him that aren’t camouflaged yet. The blue paint looks great and I love the electric cloaking effect too. This figure is a PX exclusive so it costs a little more and will be released in May of next year.

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