Hiya Toys 6″ First Blood Part II Rambo & Judge Dredd

Earlier this week Hiya Toys revealed two brand new 6″ scale figures. They have teased the First Blood Part II Rambo previously and showed Judge Dredd on Thursday, which they have been teasing for some time.

I have to say that both of these figures look fantastic and I am really impressed with all the accessories they come with.

Rambo comes with more accessories which makes sense as the figure is based on his appearance from First Blood Part II and he uses a lot of weapons in that film and the likeness to Sylvester Stallone is pretty darn good. I love the soft goods outfit and that he comes with an incredible array of weapons. The body sculpt looks excellent and he looks really well articulated as well. It looks even better than the First Blood version and hopefully, I won’t miss out on the pre-order like I did with the First Blood Rambo.

I’ve always been intrigued by the Judge Dredd 6″ figure that they were going to do and he looks very impressive. The design is very much the classic Dredd how he has looked since the beginning. I really love all four head sculpts and the five pairs of interchangeable hands. You’ll certainly be able to get Dredd in a nice variety of poses. Coming with both the Mark I & Mark II Lawgiver pistols. The Nightstick and Boing spray.

These figures aren’t up for pre-order yet but they should be up for pre-order soon.

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