Hiya Toys 2000AD News!

In the last few days and weeks Hiya Toys has given some updates on some of their 2000AD products. Firstly they are releasing black and white variants of Judge Dredd and Judge Mortis, we the first black and white figures with the Judge Dredd and Judge Death SDCC Exclusive two pack. It makes sense to release the black and white figures in the main line in black and white as the comics had been published in black and white for years. This is great for collectors who want just black and white versions or both! These figures are identical to the color versions but cast in black and white.

Then just yesterday Hiya Toys revealed another 2000AD character, Mean Machine Angel, a member of the dangerous and destructive Angel Gang. The figure does look fantastic, especially for the 3.75″ scale. I love the detail of the dial on his head as well as the robotic arm which looks very worn with rivets and rust. I can’t forget his big clomping boots too they look fantastic.

Like all the 2000AD figures so far which are from the Judge Dredd comics comes with a Cursed Earth base which does look great. This figure is scheduled to be released early next year.

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