HCG Releasing Exclusive Limited Edition Zuni Warrior Doll Statue

Hollywood Collectibles Group Zuni Warrior Doll Statue

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This strange little statue is an exact replica made from the original mold used to create the Zuni Warrior Doll for the 1975 TV movie Trilogy of Terror starring Karen Black and directed by Dan Curtis. The Zuni Warrior Doll is said to contain the spirit of a Zuni hunter named “He Who Kills,” which is only trapped inside by a small decorative gold chain. So, if you bring this doll home with you, make sure the chain stays on nice and tight! Or else the Zuni Spirit will escape and live inside you.

Karen Black post-possession. (Keep the chain on!!!)

How tall is this evil Zuni fetish?

The statue is approximately 15”, putting it at the perfect height to stab you in the legs so… watch out.

What’s it made out of? (apart from centuries-old rage and violence)

The figure is made out of heavy-duty polystone, and was molded directly from the only surviving original mold. It’s wearing a cloth skirt, and hair is synthetic, but the Zuni soul trapped within is not! The chain securing the evil soul is probably not real gold though, so hopefully it still works!

The figure also comes with a spear that’s a bit taller than the top of the Zuni Warrior Doll’s head, and features a carved stone arrow point, with some feathers wrapped onto the staff.

What does HCG’s Exclusive Zuni Warrior Doll come with?

The Exclusive version comes with the same insane level of true-to-film detail, and comes with an additional high quality “Zuni Warrior” print, which features the upper half of the doll holding its spear and snarling against a red background that looks like an exploding volcano. Beneath the figure “Zuni Warrior” is printed in a tribal-looking font that’s dripping blood.

What do I have to pay to keep this thing away from me? I mean… how much does it cost?

Both versions (exclusive and regular) of the cinema-quality Zuni Warrior Doll statue cost a whopping $299.95, so if you’re going to spring for it, might as well get the HD print for free (essentially), but be quick about it! There are only 150 Exclusive Editions and only 500 regular editions. You can pre-order the figures now on Hollywood Collectible Groups website, and the statues will begin shipping late spring/early summer of 2017.

Check out the pictures below! (Caution: May infect computer with evil spirits)

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