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Hasbro Star Wars Vintage Collection & Black Series SDCC 2022 Exclusives.

Just last night Hasbro officially revealed their Star Wars Vintage Collection and Black Series SDCC 2022 exclusives. I know that they were just leaked by InDemand Toys who got hold of images of them a few days prior. The exclusives are a Vintage Collection The Mandalorian The Rescue Four-Pack which is from the last episode of Series 2. The Black Series ones are an Andor: Cassian Andor & B2EMO two-pack and a War of The Bounty Hunters Boba Fett Figure.

I do have to say I am much more interested in the Vintage Collection exclusive than the Black Series ones as the Boba Fett is just a repaint of the ESB Boba Fett in black with an added spear or polearm weapon and the two-pack are figures that we are going to undoubtedly get in the Black Series line at some point after the Andor series starts in late August. Thoigh I do admit the Andor figure does look great though.

The Vintage Collection four-pack consists of a battle-damaged Dark Trooper, Mando, Moff Gideon, and Grogu. There are a lot of brand new things packed in this set. With a newly sculpted Grogu with handcuffs, a battle damage effect for the Dark Tropper, whistling bird, and flame thrower effects (could we get these in the Black Series please?), and the beskar spear for Mando. I really like the packaging for the figure as well which recreates the interior of the ship from the episode.

The Andor two-pack will cost $55.99, the War of The Bounty Hunters Boba Fett will cost $33.99 and the Vintage Collection four-pack will cost $74.99. These won’t be available to buy in hand at the event, they’ll be available exclusively on Hasbro Pulse for attendees and fans at home. At the event, you’ll be given a one-time QR code to use to order the figures. Here’s the official press release from Hasbro.

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