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Hasbro Star Wars SDCC 2022 Booth.

Hasbro had a large Star Wars booth where they’d showcase all their latest Star Wars products as well as some new ones. My main reason to go to the booth was to see the Black Series, and they had a lot of figures on display and most of them were from the latest waves which is the Obi-Wan themed wave, new comic-based wave, Gaming Greats, and The Mandalorian & The Book of Boba Fett themed figures.

They had some of the new Halloween-themed figures on display which I wasn’t that interested in and I could say the same for the Credit Collection which is on its now third wave and all of the figures are exclusive to different stores in the US and you can imagine they would be even harder to get here in the UK. I don’t have much interest in these figures as I’m on a limited budget.

They had Gaming Greats for the Star Wars Jedi Survivor on display which the game isn’t released till next year which is a bit odd, but I guess they are just repaints and slight retooling of already released figures. It was great seeing some of the newly announced figures like Clone Wars Darth Maul and Attack of The Clones/Revenge of The Sith Aayla Secura which I am really excited to get in the coming months.

We did see some new figures such as the Migs Mayfield (Series 1 Look), Grogu (Mandalorian Series 2), Mandalorian Series 2 Luke Skywalker (which they didn’t show in the booth, but revealed in a panel and put up for pre-order after SDCC) and HK-87 which are all up for pre-order now.

They had a lot of Vintage Collection and Retro Collection figures as well and they had the Jabba’s palace from the end of Mandalorian Series 2 which looks incredible. The deluxe Vintage Collection sets look fantastic too. I don’t collect the Retro Collection figures as those figures were before my time. The Vintage Collection looks fantastic on the card and I am really impressed with the Obi-Wan Kenobi Wandering Jedi figure. The Cal Kestis Jedi Survivorlooks great and I would love to see the Black Series version as well.

There were some Black Series prop replicas on display as well helmets and lightsabers which looked very cool. They had some pipeline reveals which were The Return of The Jedi 40th Anniversary figures (Wave 1 & 2) which strangely don’t include any Luke Skywalker figures or Darth Vader so I am guessing they’ll be in an inventible Wave 3.

They also revealed Ki Adi Mundi, Black Krrsantan, Mandalorian w/Darksaber, and Deluxe Endor Rebel Trooper. I am most excited to see Adi Mundi as we are lacking prequel Jedi and we can always do with more I cannot wait to see Black Krrsantan and I can imagine he’ll be a larger deluxe release and the deluxe Endor Rebel sounds excellent especially if it has interchangeable face plates like the Hoth Rebel Trooper. Hopefully, we’ll see some of these at Pulse Con in September this year.

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