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Hasbro Star Wars Droids Black Series and Vintage Collection Figures Revealed

Earlier this week Hasbro revealed a number of Star Wars Products from the 80’s animated Series Star Wars Droids. And in all, they announced four figures, three for the Vintage Collection and one for the Black Series. I don’t know all that much about Droids but I know that it’s remembered fondly by people who were children in the ’80s. I really do like the art cards for these both for the Vintage Collection and Black Series.

I really love the deco’s on the Vintage Collection Droids, especially on C3-PO AND R2-D2. Though I am not sure if they are new sculpts or not but they do look great. I think that both the Boba’s for the Vintage Collection and Black Series are just repaints and not brand new sculpts which makes sense. I can tell that the Black Series version is a repaint of the ESB Boba Fett as he has comes with the pistol and holster which that figure came with. I really do like the commemorative coins that the Vintage Collections figures they are a really sweet touch

It should be noted that these figures are Target Exclusives in the States and they are available to pre-order internationally as well and are scheduled to be released in Spring of next year.

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