Hasbro Star Wars Black Series Darth Malgus Review

Darth Malgus is back!

As part of Hasbro’s Black Series 3.75 inch line (released in the fourth quarter of 2014), Darth Malgus is just a straight up re-issue of 2012’s Star Wars Vintage/Expanded Universe figure.  Which is good for your friendly neighborhood jman, considering that I missed out on him that first time around and I was this close to picking him up off the secondary market, too.

Darth Malgus is a Sith Lord in the time of the Old Republic, specifically during the Great Galactic War.  I don’t want to get too much into the details of his life.  It’s long and complicated.  There’s plenty of interesting tidbits about him on the internets, though.  What’s interesting about Malgus is that he’s part of the now “Legends”/formerly “expanded universe” line, which Disney has gone on record stating that it’s no longer canon.

So why still produce the figure, then?  Perhaps they went ahead and made him because there were already molds produced?  They had extra figures of him lying around from the Vintage Line?  Or maybe he’s just a bad-ass character.

I say he’s just a bad-ass character.  But, who knows for sure.

Either way, he’s a pretty cool figure considering he’s in the 3.75 inch scale.  I’ve already stated my feelings in the past on that scale, so I guess I can dispense with those pleasantries.  I gotta admit, they do cram a lot of detail in these little figures.  The designs of Malgus’ armor are pretty accurate and he’s got a downright super creepy face sculpt.

Malgus comes with two lightsaber hilts; one extended, one not.  He’s also got a nice cloth cape and a cloth cloak.  While, it’s a nice touch, the cloak is one of those things that looks good in the packaging, but once you get it out?  Not so much. I couldn’t get it to stay on properly, so I just ditched it.  I’d much rather have an extra set of “force hands” or something like that, then the cloak.

The articulation is “meh”.  If I have too much trouble twisting or turning a limb, I just stop.  I’m always in fear of breaking something.  It’s hard to tell if there was a knee-joint in there or if his armor was stopping the range of motion.  I wasn’t about to apply too much pressure.  The one thing about these 3.75 figures…they’re pretty fragile.

Some time ago, Sideshow Collectibles produced a 1/6 scale Darth Malgus.  That was wicked cool, but too much money.  This Black Series figure, while cool…is too small.  As Goldilocks would say, a 6-inch figure of Darth Malgus would be just right.

I’ve got my fingers crossed.

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UPDATE: If you want to score one of these figures for your collection, you can find him on Amazon, and you can always scoot on over to eBay and check around for a sweet Star Wars Black Series Darth Malgus action figure.




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  1. Them making an expanded universe figure is interesting. Maybe it means they won’t be scrapping the whole thing, but will be taking some of it into the Abramverse. Or maybe they’ll continue making expanded universe figures. I can’t imagine they’d leave money on the table if they thought they could sell the figures with the characters whether they were in the universe or not.

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