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Hasbro Pulse Fan Fest Star Wars Reveals.

On Friday Hasbro held an online Fan Fest event and revealed some new upcoming products from all their biggest licenses including Star Wars! They revealed all sorts of products for Star Wars including Black Series, Vintage Collection, and a prop replica helmet.

For the Vintage Collection, they revealed some new figures as well as some updated re-releases with the face printing tech. It’s great to see that they are releasing some Gaming Greats in the Vintage Collection as well. They have included these Gaming Greats figures in the Black Series and it does give me hope that we’ll see the likes of Cal Kestis in The Vintage Collection and Starkiller in the Black Series.

I’m also aware that they had a fan vote of which characters they would love to see get a re-release in the Vintage Collection and quite honestly I would love to see all of them get re-released as I missed out on all of them and they demand a high price on the secondary market.

They also revealed Antoc Merrick and his X-Wing from Rogue One for the Vintage Collection line. I really do like the vehicles in the Vintage Collection but I do find them to be a bit too pricey compared to their counterparts in the Black Series line though.

The Wedge Antilles prop replica helmet looks fantastic, then again I am always impressed with the Rebel helmets that they have released so far despite not having any of them. They do make fantastic display pieces that’s for sure.

For the Black Series line, they revealed an upcoming wave which is a mix of Return of the Jedi. The Clone Wars, The Mandalorian, and The Bad Batch characters. They did tease these would be the next wave in their last Star Wars Black Series line. In this wave will be Return of The Jedi General Lando Calrissian, The Clone Wars Aurra Sing, The Bad Batch Tech, The Mandalorian Koska Reeves, and Q9-0.

Overall I am really impressed with the line-up and as you can imagine I would love to get all of these figures! All of them look absolutely excellent especially Aurra Sing, Tech, Koska Reeves, and Q9-0. The Lando looks fantastic and I am glad that they gave him a soft goods cape I do prefer them to the plastic ones as they really limit articulation. I’m a sucker for droids and I love the look of Q9-0 and I do wonder if we’ll see the other bounty hunters from The Prisoner episode, I reckon it’s likely that they will.

The Koska Reeves figure looks excellent and the likeness to Sasha Banks is fantastic on it and I like how her armor looks different from Bo Katan’s. I’m really impressed with the Tech figure he does look excellent and I am very impressed that the tools on his tool belt are removable and can be used as accessories as well. I am really looking forward to building the Bad Batch team.

I’m glad that they aren’t releasing The Mandalorian figures too quickly and I’m sure we’ll see more later this year before the Boba Fett series later this year and Mandalorian Series 3 next year.

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