Hasbro Pulse Fan Fest 2021 G.I. Joe Classified Reveals!

Last night Hasbro held their Pulse Fan Fest event and they had reveals for all their major licenses. I was very excited for their G.I. Joe Classified reveals and I wasn’t disappointed. Firstly I am very happy that none of these figures are store exclusives which are quite a pain to get hold of here in the UK.

The figures that they revealed are all from the upcoming Snake Eyes Origins film which is scheduled to be released later this year. Also, this is our first look at all the character designs from the film and I have to say I really do love the designs. These classified figures look very much on par with the other Classified figures when it comes to their sculpts and articulation.

I really like that the figures do come with plenty of accessories and the inclusion of the unmasked heads for Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow is fantastic. It’s great that the Baroness comes with removable glasses, that’s something I didn’t expect the figure to have.

The likenesses to the respective actors look great, especially Scarlett which looks exactly like Samara Weaving. I really do love the packaging artwork as well and it looks like Hasbro has put a lot of effort into these movie figures. I’m definitely very much interested in getting these figures when they are released later this year!

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