Hasbro Pulse Con 2023 Marvel Legends Reveals.

One of the big panels at Hasbro Pulse Con last Friday was the Marvel Legends one where they showcased two new waves, and two deluxe figures and teased a few more. First up they revealed The Void wave, Spider-Man No Way Home wave, two deluxe figures, and two teasers for upcoming figures.

Some of the figures from The Void Wave were showed off at Comi-Con in July. They completed the wave with the reveals of Savage Namor, Namorita & Black Panther. I have to say it’s a really strong wave and I would love to get most of the figures when it ships early next year. I should note that these figures go up for pre-order on the 3rd of October. I really want to get the Black Panther, Crystar, Power Princess & The Vision.

It had been rumored for some time that Hasbro would be doing a Spider-Man No Way Home wave. I know many fans have been looking forward to including myself. This is not a traditional wave as it doesn’t have a BAF Figure akin to the Across The Spider-Verse wave earlier this year. The wave consists of the Tom Holland Spider-Man, Andrew Garfield Spider-Man, Toby Maguire Spider-Man, MJ, Matt Murdock & Sandman.

I have the three-pack which I am pretty happy with and I am really excited about these, I knew the three Spider-Men were a given for this wave. The three Spider-Men look fantastic and the unmasked heads look great. I do find it really interesting that the Garfield Spider-Man has The Amazing Spider-Man 2-themed packaging. The MJ figure does not look that interesting compared to the other figures in the wave.

It’s great to see the villains from the film finally get figures in the Marvel Legends line. The Sandman looks great and I really like the sand look to him and the big fist forearms are a great feature. The Matt Murdock figure is one I didn’t expect to see and I’m really impressed with it and it’s the first Matt Murdock figure in the Marvel Legends line. I should note that this wave is up for pre-order now and is expected to hit at the end of the year.

The Deluxe figures looked incredible. I know they have been teasing Doc Ock for some time so we knew he was on the way and Green Goblin was expected as well and boy they blew me away. The Doc Ock looks incredible and the likeness to Alfred Molina is very strong. What’s really interesting is that the top arms have fully articulated heads whilst the bottom ones have interchangeable heads. The arms are fully articulated as well with bendy wires in them. What’s really interesting is that he has Spider-Man 2-themed packaging with the film’s logo. Does that mean we’ll get Spider-Man 2-themed figures? I would love to see the Raimi trilogy get modern Marvel Legends!

The real start of the show was Green Goblin based on his appearance in Spider-Man No Way Home. The figure looks absolutely perfect and very accurate to the film. I really love the unmasked Norman Osbourne head with the absolutely perfect likeness to Willem Dafoe with a maniacal facial expression. Perfect. Including the helmeted head is a great touch, so you can have a more traditional goblin-style look with the helmet and tattered purple hoodie on. I love all the accessories he comes with as it’s everything he needs. The glider looks excellent and it comes with a flight stand too!

Doc Ock and Green Goblin go up for pre-order this Thursday and you can be sure I’ll be pre-ordering them.

They also teased Electro and Lizard during the livestream and I don’t doubt we’ll see them later this year or early next year.

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